How to bring the beach home with you…

Published on 8th August 2014
Oh deary dear, with mid-August fast approaching, we’re at that time in the summer holidays when gloom is beginning to set in. The excitement of being away from school is waning; many of us have already returned from our summer getaway; the weather has started to turn against us; and there is a smell of malcontent and mutiny in the air.

We can’t all have the luxury of a swimming pool in our home; but we can bring the beach back with us!

Hold tight me hearties! It’s not quite time to batten down the hatches, brace the mainstays or prepare to walk the plank; with a little planning you can steer your metaphorical barque into calmer waters, embrace the nautical hyperbole we seem to have slipped into, and bring that beachside bliss into your home.

Four Top Tips for Bringing the Beach Home with You

  1. Feeling blue – Wherever you live, it’s a relatively simple matter to decorate your home for a seaside feel. We’d suggest selecting a single room for your beachside makeover – an Apropos conservatory would be perfect, as it will be naturally flooded with light, helping to create the ambience with very little effort – but any light and bright room would do the job. If you’re looking for a more permanent result, reach for the paint pot; with more than fifty shades of blue open to you, you can mix and match for a calming oceanic feel, and be as classy or kitschy as you like. Pastel blues are more enduring, but colour pops are very much on-trend.
  2. Accessorise, darling – The accessories you add to your home are often what bring it to life, so rather than leaving it in a cupboard to moulder, why not actually use the paraphernalia you picked up on holiday? Those shells the kids collected could become a craft project; a bespoke mirror frame worth more than anything you could ever buy. Do something with those interesting bits of driftwood you picked up on impulse; they’d make a stunning table centrepiece. Brighten up your furniture with yellow throws, themed cushions and striped rugs.
  3. Swab the decks – If you have decking in your garden, make the most of it. You might not want to cover it in sand (although that would be fabulous!), but inflating the paddling pool and putting out some garden chairs would change the feel immediately. Pop a few windmills into plant pots, layout towels for sun bathers and splash out on a well-stocked drinks cooler.
  4. Embrace the ambience – Being by the seaside isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s also about atmosphere. So don’t just decorate: dress [in]appropriately; break out your shorts, sarongs, flipflops, Hawaiian shirts. Dress up for dinner and down for messing around. Have cocktails at sunset. Take silly photos. Play games. Have fun.

Being on holiday is as much a state of mind as it is a physical experience. With some clever interior design and a positive attitude you can keep that good feeling going.

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