Why Not Triple-Glazing?

Published on 25th July 2014
We all talk a lot about energy efficiency these days, and so we should. By maximising the efficiency of our homes, we’re directly influencing the amount of money we spend on our fuel bills, our carbon emissions, and the damage we inflict on the environment. Our windows, doors and glazed extensions are usually the primary cause of heat-loss in our homes; as uncoated glass is intrinsically thermally sensitive, it allows heat and cold to pass almost unhindered.

Millions of us saw the difference that thicker, thermally improved glassware made to both the thermal and sound insulation of our houses with the advent of double glazing. That being the case, it must surely follow that triple glazing brings with it thrice the protection and will have three times the impact on our pockets and our environment… But does it?

As with so many things in life, the answer is not a simple one!

Essentially, triple glazing is much like double glazing, but with an additional pane of glass inserted into the frame. Logically, this should dramatically improve the thermal performance of our homes and  it does make a difference, but to many industry insiders, that difference is considered negligible – although triple glazing is half the ‘u value’ of double glazing (u is the value used to measure energy efficiency), in reality this makes very little difference to the overall performance of our homes and it has been found that the savings made by employing triple glazing will never likely recoup your initial expenditure.

At Apropos we’ve opted against the use of triple glazing in our structures for several reasons:

  • Triple glazing is far heavier than double glazing… one third heavier, in fact! So, although we use incredibly strong aluminium frames for our structures their integrity would be compromised by heavier glass.
  • With triple glazing we would have more limitations imposed upon our designs; our sightlines would have to be increased, meaning that your views would be hindered and the finished products less aesthetically pleasing.
  • Triple glazing would increase the expense of Apropos structures – this is a no-no for us because we don’t think that glass architecture should be elitist; everyone should be able to bring natural light into their home without remortgaging their property.
  • With the wealth of coatings available – tinted, self-cleaning, fire retardant, shatter-proof, low-emissivity, solar control – we believe that double glazing is a wonderfully efficient and adaptable material and that triple glazing has not yet developed enough to offer significant advantages to our customers.

Triple glazing is the subject of much debate, and is likely to continue to be for some time to come. At Apropos, our aim has always been to provide the very best of everything for our customers; service; design; construction; materials. If there comes a time when we believe that we need to offer triple glazing as a means to adhere to that policy, then we will. For now however, we’re happy to let the debate rage on without us.

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