How to bring personality to a glazed room?

Published on 4th July 2014

Glass extensions have always held appeal for home-owners, bringing a new dimension to a property. The problem is that once you’ve got your conservatory or orangery, it can be difficult to find a way to make it your own. So, how can you stop your glass box from looking like every other?

Starting from Scratch

If you are planning to build a glazed extension, the simplest way to instil personality in the structure is to start with the design. While off-the-peg conservatories have their appeal in terms of perceived budget and convenience, they do lack in originality; the design you select may well have been chosen by your neighbour last year. The elements will also be pre-formed, so the proportions may not suit your home, creating an awkward, tacked-on effect, while the soulless quality of uPVC will ensure that the new addition will always look just that.

By working with a bespoke manufacturer, such as Apropos, you can ensure that your extension is unique and designed to suit both your requirements and the existing features of the house.

Existing Structures

If you are unsure how to bring an existing glazed room to life there are several simple steps you can take to make it shine.

  1. Discard preconceptions – Thermally-efficient glazed rooms can be used year-round, so there are no limitations. Imagine the dream room that your home is lacking; dining room; study; chill-out zone; craft room; greenhouse; then plan accordingly.
  2. Decorate to your tastes – Conservatories are often left as a blank canvas, but although there are fewer paintable walls there’s no reason why you can’t make the most of them. If a bohemian retreat is your ideal, paint the back wall vibrantly, invest in a good rug and richly-toned throws, and employ curtains or screens for a cosy effect, keeping only the view you want.
  3. Greenery – If you like houseplants, a glazed room offers the ideal opportunity. If horticulture is not your thing, don’t be tempted to fake it; false shrubs inevitably look incongruous; you’re better off buying a bunch of chrysanthemums every fortnight!
  4. Lighting – Like any other room, select lighting to suit your purpose; if it’s a place to relax in don’t go for harsh, over-head bulbs, instead add a few lamps and leave room for candles; for a study or office make the most of the natural light, while positioning the computer away from glare.

By treating your glazed extension as any other room it will become an integrated part of the home, giving you the very best for your investment.

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