A Curtain Call for Contemporary Design.

Published on 10th July 2014

One of the greatest skills of building, renovating or decorating a home is employing design cues to express the personality of the building’s occupants. Open or closed; extrovert or insular; muted or vibrant; classic, contemporary, or a meld of the two; whoever the person or family, they will have their own tastes and it is the designers job to represent them. In the renovation of this stunning detached home in lancashire, the designer has hit every single nail straight on the head.

The brief for this project was to bring light to an already spacious, but poorly lit home, so the obvious place to begin was to enhance the building’s glazing. Calling upon glass architecture experts, Apropos, the client commissioned a bespoke series of folding-sliding doors, skylights and glazed curtain walling, with the intention of opening up the front and rear walls of the house, letting natural light flood into every storey and providing spectacular views of the garden. The result is not only a breathtakingly airy atmosphere, but an illuminated canvas with the scope to create a thoroughly modern design aesthetic with a subtly classic twist.

The geometric lines of the windows of the upper storey in particular bring an almost art deco flavour to the structure, which is carried through and adapted to suit a modern home. The garish colours associated with the movement have been eschewed however, in favour of a monochromatic palette. The clean lines and uncomplicated colour scheme enhance the open feeling created by the influx of natural light in this building; the furnishings embrace all the shades of grey to soften the brilliant white of the walls and ceiling, while accents of black ground the whole and give the eye a comfortable place to rest, which is often absent in open-plan design. The overall ambience is redolent of calm and relaxation, and yet there is still a feeling of understated opulence. This might be a home to aspire to, but it doesn’t want to brag about it; it would rather get on with family life.

The lines, the light and the colours are the three unifying features of this property, interweaving to bring the disparate parts of the building together. In such a large structure, it would be no difficult thing to lose all identity and let design fall by the wayside, but the soft grey polyester powder coating of the aluminium window frames bring structure, the light calls you on from room to room and the complimenting colour scheme creates a feeling of coherence.

Steve Jobs once said that design is not just what something looks like and feels like. ‘Design is how it works.’ Although he was talking about the Apple technology series, it is a concept that could as easily be applied to any element of design, including interior design and architecture. This beautiful home in lancashire, works on every level.

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