When Stars Align.

Published on 9th May 2014
Design of any kind could be viewed as a fusion. In architecture and interior design we bring together vision and practicality, to produce the physical manifestation of thoughts and ideas. We combine materials, contrast textures, align angles with curves and balance light and shade. We take strength from others to prevent intrinsic weakness and form partnerships to deliver a unified, satisfying whole.

Although widely known as a consumer-led company, as bespoke glass architecture professionals, Apropos are regularly asked to collaborate with designers and bring glazing expertise to specialist projects. In early 2014 the company joined forces with renowned bespoke furniture designer and maker, Andrew John Lloyd, to create a kitchen of astronomical beauty.

The brief was inspired by the heavens, with comets a central theme, giving birth to a startling space-age design, with understated glitz and glamour sparkling on every surface.

Although the footprint of the kitchen is relatively modest, coming in at 10m x 7m, an impression of space – as well as the space-aged! – is created from the use of glossy white oak-framed Parapan cabinets and wide Aprofold doors, which meet at a 45° angle. Made from five leaves of Solar Control, argon filled double glazing, the doors fold away to left and right, exposing half of the room to the gorgeous Cumbrian countryside.

Constructed with rich black polyester powder-coated aluminium for strength and durability, the Apropos folding-sliding doors frame the view to perfection, bringing an airy feeling of freedom during the daylight hours and a sense of the seclusion of outer space when night time falls. Look through those windows in the darkness and the twinkling lights of the far distance could be the astronaut’s view of home.

Returning to base, pale grey Ceaserstone Granite work tops bring to mind moon rocks, while glittering polished stainless steel taps, stools, sockets, handles and basins accent the clean white fittings. Sharp white and glowing blue up-lighting adds an aura of the sophisticated unknown, reminiscent of the space adventurer’s consoles. This is a kitchen Jim, but may be not as we know it.

The comet motif can be found throughout this Andrew Lloyd kitchen; the tear-drop shaped island a comet’s nucleus viewed with the naked eye; the gaseous tail depicted in the raised glass breakfast bar; the comet’s rugged surface portrayed in the curving, textured Burr Oak pantry door handles.

Although the aesthetic genius is breathtakingly apparent in this design, it does not come at the cost of practicality. Every inch of wall space is utilised, with in-built appliances and wine racks, while room has been left for entertaining next to the Apropfold doors, allowing functions to spill outside on warm, wine-drenched evenings.

In this kitchen you can see a fusion; form and function; vision and physicality; light and dark; adventure and the comforts of home; Andrew John Lloyd and Apropos. The brief was inspired by the heavens; the energy of a comet resonates throughout this kitchen, making it the pulsating heart of a beautiful home.

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