Orangery vs Conservatory: How to decide what’s right for you?

Published on 7th May 2014
There are a number of questions that we’re regularly asked at Apropos, but there’s one that never goes out of the top ten; what is the difference between an orangery and a conservatory, and which would be better for my property?
On the surface, the answer could seem like a case of semantics; after all, both structures are home extensions made from glass, but there’s a little more to consider if you truly want to get the best from your home.

  1. What do you want to use your orangery/conservatory for? – With the exception of the aluminium frame, Apropos conservatories are created entirely from glass, while orangeries will usually boast more brickwork, which will have a big impact on functionality. While conservatories make a fabulous dining area, sunroom or snug, orangeries can become wonderful kitchens, with fully-integrated appliances, or livingrooms, with wood-burning stoves and built-in entertainment systems.
  2.  Where do you want your extension to be sited? – Orangeries will usually be designed to flow from the original structure, offering a fluid and elegant integrated space that looks like it has always been a part of the house. While many conservatories employ a lean-to design, they are regularly constructed as independent spaces, added to the side of a home; a room in its own right. With the exception of the lean-to taking support from the existing building’s frame, the conservatory will commonly stand proud and autonomous, easily adaptable to many purposes.
  3. How do you want your glazed extension to look? – Unless a contrasting design-statement is called for, the general consensus is that conservatories sit most comfortably on contemporary buildings, while orangeries have a more traditional aesthetic. Their independence means that conservatories are generally designed for simplicity, while Apropos orangeries provide more scope for subtlety and flexibility of form. All Apropos structures are designed and made to order however, so you should be able to get what you want from either design.
  4. Will the glass extension be over-looked/do you need privacy? – With fully glazed walls and the finest sightlines available, Apropos conservatories invite the outside world in and provide uninterrupted views. If that view happens to be your neighbour’s house, that may not be an appealing prospect for either of you. Being a more solid structure, generally formed from brick, with a liberal helping of large windows and Aprofold doors, orangeries allow you to frame selected views while retaining your privacy in over-looked areas.

While ostensibly similar, the conservatory and the orangery have separate roles in the modern home. They both however, bring light and space and a new aspect to any building, adding financial and emotional value.

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