How to Brighten your Home with Apropos.

Published on 23rd May 2014
All homes have problem rooms; a north-facing sitting room that’s dreary all summer; an over-shadowed kitchen that takes the joy out of cooking; or a bedroom that could be beautiful if it wasn’t always so dark. Although glass architecture is our professed trade at Apropos, it’s merely our Clark Kent disguise; leave us alone to whizz around in a phone box and we step out, flexing our cranial muscles and wearing our lycra Problem Solver’s outfits!

Mild-mannered designers and glass fitters we may seem; dark-fighting derring-doers we actually are!

There are plenty of ways to brighten a dull room; white ceilings; stronger lighting; light coloured walls, furniture and flooring, but that can lead to a sterile environment, rather than a feeling of homeliness. Forget the small gestures; if you’re prepared to invest in some structural changes you could completely transform the aspect, appeal and function of any room.

Projects to brighten your home:
  • Windows – Starting with the obvious: if your home is too dark, you could add more windows, or enlarge the apertures you already have. Glazed curtain walling can make a huge difference to the look and feel of a space. Natural light makes rooms feel larger and the visual impact can be stunning. It’s simple, effective and can be done relatively quickly, depending on the size of the project.
  • Inner Doors – Glass doors leading into the garden have become massively popular, but most of us forget that they can work equally well internally. By replacing inner doors with glass you are allowing natural light to spread freely throughout the house, which can make a big difference to north-facing rooms.
  • Skylights – Any room with direct access to a roof can benefit from a skylight. While the traditionally-styled openable windows are very popular in attic conversions, large glass panels on flat-roofed kitchen extensions work wonderfully well, making the kitchen a nicer place to be. For a more architecturally pleasing effect and added height, raised skylights are also worth considering.
  • Atrium – An atrium is a bigger project, but by removing external brick walls and replacing and extending them with glazing, you can bring light into the very heart of your home. Atria take various forms; double-height light-wells, long walkways, or linkways that attach separate areas of the home. Whichever you choose, your bespoke Apropos structure could improve your lifestyle and the value of your house.
  • Glazed balconies and veranda – Balconies and verandas can be brilliant; useful and attractive additions to any house, but if made from the wrong materials, they can seriously block out the light. Swap your sturdy old wooden structure for one made from aluminium and glass – you’ll be amazed at the difference in the light levels that penetrate your gloomy interiors.

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