High Hopes.

Published on 2nd May 2014
When is a kitchen extension like a rubber tree? When a home owner is like an ant! When he’s got…
hiiiiiiiigh hopes
He’s got hiiiiiiiiiiigh hopes
He’s got high apple piiiie
In the skyyyy hopes…

Some things in life feel unattainable, but loving the house you live in? Nah; that just takes some sensible planning.

At Apropos we often hear our structures described as ‘aspirational’. Which is nice, in a way; we’re pleased that people like what we do and would like to enhance their own homes with our conservatories, orangeries and other glassy extensions, but in another way, it makes us a little sad. We’re glad to be desirable – who doesn’t want to be desirable?! – but we’d rather not be elitist. And the thing is, our Apropos structures really needn’t be.

Now, of course, we’re the first to admit that you’re not going to be able to design and build a beautiful bespoke glazed extension with the shrapnel you find down the back of the sofa (unless you’ve been VERY careless with your pocket money!), but there are ways and means of getting what you want without getting into financial strife.

After the last few years of belt-tightening, with the ‘National Debt’ looming, and gloom in every newspaper, the thought of spending money that isn’t already in your hand can feel a tad daunting. And we don’t blame you; we’d never want one of our customers to get into financial difficulties over our products; our aim is to improve your lifestyle, not to give you grey hairs and stress lines. We do, however, work with a finance provider and the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority, the government’s service regulator), to help those who would like to grow their home with us, without the worry.

That ‘where there’s a will, there’s a way’ is very much at the heart of the Apropos ethos. We believe that if you set your sights apple pie in the sky high, not only will you have a very infectious ear-worm knocking about your cranium (sorry about that!), but you’ll also  have a goal to work towards and a massive sense of satisfaction when you achieve it. Whether you do that through further belt-tightening, a financial agreement, or a re-prioritisation of your outgoing funds, there are ways to get what you want from life.

Who are we to argue with Ol’ Blue Eyes? You just need to remember:

Any time you’re gettin’ low
‘Stead of lettin’ go, just remember that ant
Oops, there goes another rubber tree plant…

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