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Published on 20th May 2014
Friends. We all have hopes and fears for the future and for the lives our children will lead. We, at the Conservatory Party, want to build a Britain where everyone feels that they could own a conservatory to be proud of.

Michael Barnes: Leader of The Conservatory Party.

Small mid-terrace houses, mansions, or cottages by the sea; wherever you live and whatever your income, we believe in providing bespoke conservatories for the hard working people of Great Britain.

Our long-term economic plan is building a stronger and more secure conservatory that will help to boost the local economy, create new jobs and ensure that you and your family have a strikingly beautiful glazed extension for years to come.

How will we do this?
  • With a personal design consultation.
  • With a bespoke structure created specifically to your individual needs.
  • With strong, durable aluminium frames and thermal break technology.
  • With polyester powder coating.
  • With the very best glazing, available in 10 different varieties of glass.
  • With a team of ruggedly handsome construction workers.

If you vote Conservatory in the coming European elections we will help you to cut your energy bills by delivering increased natural light levels 365 days a year. We will ensure that your family feel secure and content, by providing them with a bright, attractive and comfortable space in which to spend their leisure time, and improve the academic results of your children, by giving them a stimulating environment in which to do their homework. If you vote Conservatory, fears of global warming and unpredictable weather patterns will be a thing of the past; you will be able to enjoy your garden year round, through your Aprofold doors, curtain walls and glazed roof! If you vote Conservatory, we will put a cap on immigration and guarantee that there will be no risk of foreigners coming over here to steal your conservatories.

Atrium by Apropos Conservatories

Seriously though, who wouldn’t vote for this?

Our plan is working, but there is still MUCH more to do. There are still risks, and many more difficult decisions ahead, but we cannot go back to the 1980s, where conservatories were made from uPCV, lacking in insulation and abandoned for the greater part of the year. But we need your help.

It is time to rise up; be heard; lend your support and put your faith somewhere it can really make a difference. Join the Conservatory Party, where your comfort counts!

Vote Conservatory; the future is glass.

To contact your local member of the Conservator Party call Apropos on 0800 328 0033 or order your free copy of our manifesto here.

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