6 things to consider before extending your property.

Published on 28th May 2014
Extending your property can be hugely rewarding, but there are a number of considerations to take into account before you embark on a building project.

We want our customers to get the very best from their Apropos experience, and to do that we believe that knowledge and preparation are key. Here are six things for you to think about before beginning a home extension.

  1. Planning permission – Not all home extensions require planning permission, but if you begin building without the necessary permits, there may be trouble ahead. To avoid unnecessary expense, delay and heartache, check out the Government’s planning portal for more information – planningportal.gov.uk.
  2. Party [wall] poopers – If your extension is likely to involve a party wall, you must ensure that A) you have a party wall agreement, and B) your work is not likely to impact upon the structural integrity of the wall. Again, check the Government’s planning portal before you start planningportal.gov.uk.
  3. Load-bearing – Safety must always come first, so check with your building surveyor or contractor whether any walls you’re wishing to remove are load-bearing, and the work/expense involved to secure the area.
  4. Impact – Your home extension is meant to improve your lifestyle, so work out how it will affect your other living areas before you begin – will it block the light in other rooms? Will it change how you use your garden? Will it impact on access?
  5. Future prospects – Planning ahead will always save you time and money, so think about why you’re extending and what you want from your extension.
  6. Council Tax – Home extensions can impact upon council tax bandings. If your extension could be viewed as a separate dwelling, you may be charged two premiums. If your extension significantly increases the size of your property you may be moved up a council tax band. Visit your local council website for more information to avoid any nasty future surprises.

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