New Beginnings.

Published on 15th April 2014
There has surely never breathed a person who hasn’t been enchanted by spring. It is a season that has found its way into endless religious celebrations since the Zoroastrians of Babylon marked the equinox and worshipped the moon in 2400 BCE. Today, in the UK, we celebrate spring through a combination of Pagan fertility rites and Christian symbolism, the two having inextricably interwoven to produce the holiday that we all know as Easter, and a celebration of new beginnings.

Frolicking lambs, hatching chicks, fresh new flowers, blue skies and copious amounts of chocolate unite to lift the spirits and prompt all denominations to give thanks that winter is over and the best of the year has just begun. Most of us do this with a family get together, for many it is the first big event of the year.

The small children are off school for the holidays, the big kids are home from university and the bigger still either bring their littlies back to sample grandma’s famous roast, or batten down the hatches, take a deep breath and invite everyone back to theirs. While the stress of the big Christmas carve-up is absent, it’s still a time when houses start to bulge at the seams, even if just for a day or two. There are never enough seats; there’s always someone perched on a stool, or a folding garden chair; the living room feels smaller and the dining room unmanageable; but at least you can all spill out into the garden… if the weather obliges and those April showers don’t become an April downpour…

At Apropos, we receive a surprisingly high number of commissions just after Easter. We’ve never really worked out the correlation, whether it’s the cumulative ‘never again’ of a too-cosy Christmas and an over-stretched Easter, the irresistible urge for ‘new beginnings’ or the excitement of the barbeque season being just around the corner and the determination that this year you will not get rained on.

Whatever the reason, there is no better time to install an Apropos extension. A glazed veranda will ensure that your summer barbeques will never be rained out again. A conservatory provides an extra, fully-functional room for all those additional feet to get out from under each other. An orangery can give you somewhere beautiful for all the family to hang out and be together. A kitchen extension could just spare your sanity!

Easter and spring are synonymous with new beginnings; new life; new start; new opportunities. Why not make the most of yours by starting a home renovation project? It might not be quite as much fun as a Pagan fertility ritual, but it will last an awful lot longer than chocolate… And you can always perform the ritual later!

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