How to design the perfect conservatory?

Published on 23rd April 2014
A conservatory can dramatically enhance both the functionality and aesthetic of a home, but there are a number of points to consider in order to get the very best from your investment.

A sensible place to start is with the question, why do you want a conservatory? These days, conservatories are used for a variety of purposes; dining, relaxing, socialising, growing plants, or any combination of the above. The way in which you intend to use your conservatory should always play a part in the design process to avoid expensive mistakes.

That decision made, there are two paths available to you; designer-led construction or DIY design. Specialists in bespoke glass architecture, Apropos can assist you on either route.

Design It Yourself – Your main goal is designing a conservatory that is fit for purpose. It will help to consider the following.

  • The building’s aspect; south-facing for the most sun, north-facing for a more temperate climate.
  • Shape and size – Is there room for your intended purpose? Space for a dining table, room for guests, height enough for your prize tree fern collection, an area for a potting bench?
  • The most suitable glass – Solar-controlled glass can help reduce glare and temperature fluctuations in sunny spots, Low-E glass will improve thermal efficiency.
  • Ventilation – If you want to use your conservatory year round, you need to consider ventilation. Apropos work with a vent actuation system to allow for automatic airflow, helping to enhance the comfort of a conservatory environment.
  • Visual appeal – Whether you want to make a statement with a conservatory that contrasts with your existing home, or build with sympathy, echoing the lines of the earlier structure, keep in mind that a well-made conservatory can add 5-8% to the value of your home… A poorly designed conservatory could have the opposite result.

All points considered, submit your drawings via the Apropos website and we’ll come back to you with a realistic quote for the work to follow.


Work with an Apropos Designer – All Apropos structures are purpose built, so we have no pre-set plans; the whole idea is to create something unique for your property.

  • Browse through the Apropos brochure so you have an idea of what we can do.
  • Arrange for a member of our design team to visit you in your home to assess the site, ascertain your needs, then create a number of bespoke plans to suit your space.
  • A second design consultation will follow, where you can view the plans that our designer has created, choose the draft that most appeals, then revise it to suit your needs.
  • Once the final design has been selected we will secure planning permission, while the Apropos technical team begin their detailed computer-engineered General Arrangement Drawings, based on a thorough site survey.
  • After that, construction can begin.
 For a consultation with one of Apropos’ Design Experts please call: 0800 328 0033 or click here to order a copy of our latest brochure.
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