Can You Afford To Renovate Your Kitchen?

Published on 11th April 2014
Despite all the cultural changes of the last century, there is one thing that remains the same; for most of us, the kitchen is still the heart of the home, and if we had money to change one thing about where we live, the vast majority of us would spend it on improving our kitchens.

Kitchen Extension by Apropos

The question is though, with below inflation pay raises making the headlines every day, is a kitchen extension really affordable, and will it add to the value of your home?

Let’s start with the latter part of that because it’s probably the easiest to answer. An Apropos bespoke kitchen-diner will increase the value of your property by approximately 5-8%. Alone, that might not be enough of a reason to go through the process, but it’s a nice little extra incentive if you’re already that way inclined!

But what about the initial cost? As every Apropos structure is completely bespoke, it would be disingenuous to list a price here; our glazed extensions can be as small or as large as you would like, you can choose a variety of glass and a variety of features, all of which will impact upon the final price. Our average order however, is around £30,000 and prices start from as little as £15,000.

Lean-to Kitchen Extension by Apropos

The shell is, of course, the most important part of any extension, so corner-cutting is unwise. Firstly, put real thought into your plans. Repositioning your plumbing and electricity can add serious money to your project. Unless you really can’t stand to have your sink, boiler and main appliances where they already are, think about ways of incorporating them into your new design.

When it comes to furnishings however, it’s not too difficult a matter to start to save some pennies, or even pounds.Secondly, research is everything. Decide what you want then compare prices before you even think about making a purchase. Research may add to your time scale, but it can seriously reduce cost. Check out display models, which usually retail at a significant discount. Also consider whether you really need new appliances at all.

Huddersfield Kitchen Extension

Recycling and up-cycling are fantastic money savers. You can get a decent amount of cash by trading in your old appliances and with a few exceptions; a lick of paint can work miracles on tired old cabinets and furniture. If you don’t like your own, check out auction websites and tradesman seconds; bargains are always there for the savvy shopper, and often deliver an entirely unique finish.

A kitchen renovation is a big step, whether money is tight or plentiful. As a lifestyle enhancer however, it’s hard to be beaten. Why not call Apropos to discuss how we could help with yours?

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