Who Says Good Looks Don’t Last?

Published on 5th March 2014

How many times have you had one of those conversations and been able to actually mean the words that you’ve spoken? The first structure that Apropos ever built has been standing – and used – for 75 years, and although it was created without the benefit of our modern technologies, we still think that it looks pretty damn fine for something that’s seen almost half of a century. Imagine, then, how well the Apropos extension you build this year will stand the test of time.

The famous vine glasshouse at Hampton Court Palace, built in 1969.

Whether greenhouses or garden rooms, Apropos structures are built not just to last, but to stay looking good throughout the years. So, what is it that gives them such longevity? First and foremost, we adhere to the adage that style doesn’t fade, but if you move away from design and into technicalities, we have a few tricks up our capacious sleeves.

Aluminium – Apropos’ 75 year old greenhouse was an experiment which became a prototype, being the first ever glazed structure to employ an aluminium frame. We still use aluminium today for its unique strength, versatility and durability. It can be formed into almost any shape and can support a vast amount of weight. It also looks fantastic and can be infinitely recycled.

Polyester Powder Coating – All Apropos structures are finished using polyester powder, which provides a consistent, long lasting finishing which is relatively maintenance free. Unlike wood which needs to be treated on a regular basis to maintain its integrity, and uPVC which has a tendency to warp, fade and stain with time, our polyester powder coating keeps the aluminium frames of our structures looking fresh for decades.

Royal Floral Hall under construction in the 1950's.

Royal Floral Hall under construction in the 1950’s.

Gorgeous Glazing – It goes without saying that all the glass used in Apropos structures meets all British Standards requirements, but with 10 different types to choose from, we can help to make sure that you always have the right glass for the right place, whether fire-proof or thermally efficient. Because we make everything to order you also need never compromise on the size and shape of your windows and doors, so your home will look exactly as you want it to.

That the devil is in the detail is a truism at architecture’s heart. It’s our attention to detail that keeps Apropos structures looking good, now and in the future.

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