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Published on 14th March 2014

There was a time when the number of rooms you had in your house was indicative of status. Today, you could say that it’s a case of the fewer rooms the better; downstairs we’re all about open-plan.

Open plan lean to conservator kitchen extension by Apropos

If inflatable furniture and sponge painting were trademarks of 1990s interior design and a proliferation of pastels marked the 1980s, since the turn of the century open-plan has been the one dominating theme of internal architecture. Open-plan living may well symbolise that in the modern family unity and togetherness is key, but if it seems unlikely that we suddenly all ‘want to be together’ far more than once we did, there could be other reasons for the open-plan appeal. One of those, most assuredly, is that we now have the ability to create beautiful open spaces within our homes without compromising structural integrity.

One of the overarching beliefs of the Apropos philosophy is that wherever we each call home, it should be somewhere that we really want to be. For us, that means a place that is airy and bright, without being exposed to drafts and the other less desirable elements; in short, architecture in glass, aluminium supports and open-plan living.

Open plan orangery extension by Apropos

Open-plan and Apropos really go hand-in-hand. While our extensions can work well as segregated additions, they are at their very best when they bring the home together. Once installed, an Apropos orangery more often than not becomes the heart of the home; a central hub from which family life radiates. Our conservatories make, in our opinion, the very best kitchen-dining extensions, delivering an adaptable space created specifically to suit your needs. Glass walls, folding-sliding doors and large skylights or glazed roof panels allow light to flow in from every corner, while our specialist glass and vent actuation ensure that you can always maintain the perfect temperature throughout your home.

While glass may seem an obvious component of open-plan design, it’s the marriage of glass and aluminium that really makes modern glazed extensions possible. While malleable enough to be moulded to any shape and size, aluminium is strong enough to stanchion… well… a house, so if you wanted to take out an entire supporting wall and replace it with glass, or a run of doors – internally, or externally – with aluminium to hand, you can. What’s more, it doesn’t even need to be particularly thick aluminium, so Apropos can offer you the best sightlines in town!

Open-plan is all the rage, but unlike beanbags and formica flooring, it’s not a passing fad. Humans need light and air to flourish, and we like (most of the time!) to be around our families. Open-plan design can help you to do that… And so can Apropos.

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