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Published on 25th March 2014
Presentation is a funny thing. We’ve mentioned before how first impressions count; doors can make a real entrance; your home can be an expression of you, but how can you get people to look beyond their own perceptions and not just see what you want them to see, but to see what’s really there?

At Apropos we’ve recently developed what is probably quite a good problem; our products have started to speak for themselves. Now, this might be bragging just a tiny wee bit, but people see our orangeries, greenhouses and the like, and assume that the brand is über professional; beyond the means of the average pay packet or possibly lacking the personal touch.

Other people see that we have a single office and it’s Manchester-based, so immediately assume that if they’re looking for an Atrium in Aberaeron or a kitchen extension in Kinross, we’re probably beyond their geographical reach.

The truth is somewhere in between. You might just say that we’re a small company with long arms.

Apropos began life when Vincent Hartley developed the process for creating modern glass architecture in 1938. His aluminium-framed greenhouse was the first of its type ever constructed and led to a flourishing business. Throughout the years, the company has seen several restructures, before redefining itself with the current Apropos format in the year 2000. The last 13 years have seen Apropos go from strength to strength, with business spreading throughout the UK, but while our product range and construction techniques have advanced and improved, there has always been one thing at our core; family.

Apropos is, in essence, a Manchester-based family-run business. Michael Barnes is the company director, his wife is part of the design team and his daughters have taken the lead in various roles throughout the company. The heart of Apropos is therefore, in Manchester, but our design consultants and construction teams live and work nationwide, meaning that wherever you are in the UK, from the Isle of Wight to Orkney, we can help you to revolutionise, recreate, or begin your home from scratch with beautiful, bespoke glass architecture.

The vision for Apropos has always been to deliver personalised, bespoke glass structures that don’t just look fantastic, but feel like they really belong to their owners because they played an integral part in the design process. No two Apropos products will be the same because we make every single element ourselves, to order, for each customer. We don’t offer a catalogue of plans because we think that your home should be as unique as you are, and whether you want a simple skylight or a complete kitchen transformation we want to help to make it yours.

That probably sounds expensive, but you needn’t be among the financially elite to buy bespoke; if you have a budget we’ll let you know, honestly, what you can get for it. And if you find exactly the same service available elsewhere for less, we promise always to match the price.

So this is us; this is Apropos. A family-run, Manchester-based, UK-working, small, bespoke glass architecture company with long arms. We’re delighted to meet you.

For a consultation with one of Apropos’ Design Experts please call: 0800 328 0033 or click here to order a copy of our latest brochure.

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