In An Off The Peg World.

Published on 14th February 2014
In an off the peg world the man with a coat hanger is king… No, wait… Hang on a minute…

Don’t you think that the scientific obsession with cloning is a little odd? Dolly the sheep was all very clever, but there are easier ways to make a mutton stew or two. It’s not just the scientists who are at it either; cloning is big business and seems to have spread on to the high street and into our homes, but being the same as everyone else has its draw-backs. Gone is originality and in its place you find poor quality, a lack of attention to detail and a whacking great lot of pollution.

From bikinis and plant pots to car parts and conservatories, more and more of the products we buy ‘off the peg’ come from a production line in China or India, helping to grow foreign economies while Britain still flounders and nobody’s quality of life improves either in the country of origin or the country of purchase. Those icecaps also keep on melting.

While it’s not possible, really, to buy everything we need from artisans – we wouldn’t, for example, expect you to purchase swimwear knitted by your neighbour’s nan – we can all do our bit and benefit from buying bespoke.

At Apropos we make everything to order – skylights, atriums, orangeries, sliding doors, pool rooms and even things we may not yet have thought of – so our customers always get exactly what they want and there is never any waste.

Our products are hard-wearing and our components largely recyclable – our aluminium frames will last and be reusable long after our grandchildren have finished with them – making Apropos an eco home-improvement choice. They also travel no further than it takes to get from our facility to your home, reducing their carbon footprint. As for quality, well, it may be bragging, but our customers believe that we can’t be beaten.

There is little more cringe-making than turning up at a party wearing the same dress as three other people, so imagine the gall that comes from your two homes wearing the same conservatory!

All things considered, it’s surely better to buy bespoke.

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