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Published on 26th February 2014

We’re an approachable bunch here at Apropos, always willing to answer client’s questions. However, we know that there are times when you need to know now, so here’s a list of our top twelve Apropos FAQs.

Orangery Style Extension by Apropos

Q) I have a period property, could an Apropos extension work for me?

A) Yes, but every project should be defined by its own merits. If you are considering an Apropos extension, but you’re uncertain about the aesthetics, call to arrange a design consultation. The contrast between old and new can look absolutely stunning, but it’s not for everyone, so we’ll do our best to help you make a decision that’s right for your home.

Q) Do you work all over the country, or just in Manchester?

A) Apropos is based in Manchester, but our design consultants work throughout the UK. This allows us to deliver the Apropos service from the Isle of Wight to John O’Groats.

Q) I’d like an orangery, but I’m worried that it might get too cold in winter/too hot in summer, are there any options for me?

A) With modern glass coatings, glazed extensions are now more thermally efficient. As standard, we use low emissivity glazing in all Apropos constructions, which, when coupled with thermal break technology, reduces the impact of external temperature changes. If you are planning to build in a particularly exposed or sunny spot however, you may wish to consider the use of Solar Control glass, which reduces heat transmission by 65%.

Q) I don’t have much space in my garden, is it still possible to build an Apropos extension?

A) Yes. Because we make all Apropos parts ourselves, and all of our designs are bespoke, we are able to create extensions to fit in virtually any space.

Q) I’d like a conservatory, but I dread dealing with planning permission. Can you help?

A) Definitely. For many people planning permission is the most daunting part of any renovation project. For us, taking away the stress is all part of service, so once you’ve settled on a design we can take care of the rest.

Q) What’s the difference between a conservatory and orangery?

A) While the conservatory is commonly appended onto the end of a property and largely made from glass, the orangery is usually more integrated, often becoming the heart of the home, with areas of brickwork between glazing, and skylights in the place of a fully glazed roof, creating a cosier space with areas of privacy.

Q) Why should I buy an aluminium framed extension, rather than wood or uPVC?

A) As well as looking fantastic, aluminium is an incredibly versatile and durable material, which means that with Apropos you can build exactly the glazed extension that you’ve dreamed of without having to compromise on either size or shape. Aluminium is also impressively strong and when coated with polyester powder, needs very little maintenance. It is also endlessly recyclable.

Q) You say that Apropos structures are bespoke, what exactly does that mean?

A) We have no pre-planned designs and no Apropos parts are prefabricated; everything is made to order for every individual customer. As such, your Apropos will be entirely unique.

Q) I’m thinking of building a greenhouse, but I want it to be a permanent feature. How long will an Apropos structure last?

A) Our first greenhouse was built in 1938 and is still functional. Since that first creation we’ve refined both our techniques and materials, which means that our buildings just keep getting better. There is no reason why your new greenhouse, or any other Apropos structure, shouldn’t last as long as you!

Q) Do Apropos structures come with a guarantee?

A) Yes, whether a roof light or a full glazed extension, everything we do comes with a 10 year Apropos guarantee.

Q) I’ve found a similar glass structure at a much lower price point. The designs are almost identical – how is this possible?

A) Purchasing ‘off the peg’ will always be a cheaper option, but it does come with restrictions. All Apropos structures are custom-made, which means that we are able to accommodate any irregularities that your home may boast, whether that’s an unusual window height, or an angled garden. All of our parts are also precision engineered in the UK. While our prices are influenced by the cost of the materials involved, if you can find another company offering a like for like solution we will guarantee to match their price. That’s our Price Promise.

Q) I do not have the ready cash to purchase an Apropos Conservatory. Do you offer any payment options?

A) Yes, Apropos have a business relationship with Barclays Finance. Once you have chosen a design we can arrange a financial agreement for you, according to industry standard terms and conditions.

For a consultation with one of our design experts please call: 0800 328 0033 or click here to order a copy of our latest brochure.

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