January Blues.

Published on 23rd January 2014

Have you heard of the phrase blue sky thinking? For most of us, it has been consigned to that annoying section of the English language generally referred to as Office Speak. There it is joined by expressions such as think outside the box, paradigm shifting, transitioning and kick into touch; pointless jargon intended to lyrically obfuscate the listener while the speaker pretends that they know what they’re talking about. Just occasionally though, there’s an exception to the rule, and with Pilkington Activ – it’s blue skies all the way.

Selecting the type of glass you wish to use in your home takes time and consideration, but at this time of year when the clouds are lowering, the wind is blowing and rain is never far from lashing, there’s really only one choice if you want to get away from the grey; Pilkington Activ Blue.

Traditional Conservatory Extension by Apropos

Created from toughened low-emissivity glass, which helps to increase the thermal efficiency of your home, the complete range of Pilkington Activ glazing has been given a special coating that allows dirt to be broken down by the energy of the sun, ready to be washed cleanly away by the rain, meaning that you never have to climb a ladder, rinse off your squeegee, or hire a window cleaner again. That sounds appealing enough, doesn’t it? But with Pilkington Activ Blue the glass is given – you’ve guessed it! – a blue hue, meaning that whatever the weather is doing outdoors you’ll always have blue skies ahead.

Pilkington Activ Blue Glass by Apropos

While still allowing an optimal level of daylight transmittance, Pilkington Activ Blue is tinted to deliver a cool calm effect in summer and a cheerful blue tinge in winter, helping to dispel the winter gloom. Although suitable for all glazed areas, blue glass is particularly effective when used in conservatory, orangery and atrium roof panes, as well as large skylights, allowing you to keep Mr Blue Sky near at hand.

All together now;

Sun is shinin’ in the sky, There ain’t a cloud in sight, It’s stopped rainin’ ev’rybody’s in a play, And don’t you know, It’s a beautiful new day hey, hey…

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