As Individual As You Are.

Published on 10th January 2014
 ‘Oo-be-do, I wanna be like you-ou-ou…’ King Louie crooned in The Jungle Book, echoing the thoughts of most of humankind.

When you’re young it’s bad to be different; standing out from crowd means drawing attention and detaching yourself from the cool kids. No one wants to be noticed for being unique; we get the same haircuts; we buy the same shoes; we watch the same television programmes and pretend ignorance if we happen upon an interest that our peers don’t share…

Isn’t it great being a grown-up?

The age varies from person to person, but there comes a time in almost every life when ‘different’ takes on another cast entirely. When you get there, and you find yourself living in a street of identical brick boxes, free from personality or individual style, give Apropos a call; we’ll be ready to help!

Architectural Glazing By Apropos

Architecture in glass is quite a specialised area and we enjoy every aspect of the industry that our work takes us into, but our one absolute, overriding, favourite feature of being Apropos is our ability to be bespoke. From soaring glazed atriums to subtle, unconventionally-sized skylights, nothing gives us more glee than creating something that nobody else could.

Strange spaces are our friends, original designs our bosom pals, and we are inseparable from the quirky and the different. It’s our differences that give us strength.

We cast our own aluminium extrusions, so we can make the highest quality frames for our designs, and we can make them to practically any size or shape. So, if you don’t want a predictable build, or don’t have the space for a ‘standard’ glass extension, we can create a design to accommodate.

dead space extension by Apropos

We also make all our glass to order, so whether you want a curtain wall of Switch glass, a bathroom surrounded by light and bright Ultra White glazing, a basic dormer window, or a set of out-sized sliding doors, we’re able to oblige.

Our master craftsmen are exactly that, and our designers delight in soaring imaginations. Together they find ways to take your aspirations and make them solid; problem solving, testing, developing; constantly looking for the new, while carrying forward the best of the tried and tested.

At Apropos, we think that your home should be a reflection of you. Sharp and sleek; homely and welcoming; fashionable; eccentric; a little bit down at heel. You could be one of the regular crowd, and that’s fine too; while we like to challenge ‘normal’; embrace the distinctive, the original and the unique, we  mainly just want people to feel happy with who they are, and what their home is.

So altogether now; oo-be-do, I don’t wanna be like you-ou-ou; don’t wanna walk like you, talk like you; oo-oo-oo…

If you would like to order your free copy of Apropos’ 2013 brochure please click here or call us on 0161 342 8200. To book a complimentary design consultation with our highly regarded design team please click here.

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