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Published on 30th January 2014

It’s often said that every picture tells a story. You could say the same about every door.

What’s the first thing you touch when you enter a new home? What’s the last thing you do when you leave somewhere? Doors welcome new brides and grooms over the threshold, admit new babies, shut out bad weather and bar unwelcome guests. Cracked doors speak of being too-often slammed, while the immaculate might reflect an owner’s perfectionist personality. An overly scratched keyhole may recall too many wild nights out, or the hand of an elderly owner who isn’t as firm as once she was.

To some people, a door is a door is a door, but at Apropos we think that there is a perfect door for every room in every home, and as we make all our parts to order we can help to make sure that your home has exactly the right doors to suit your needs.

For a design to become adorable it needs to answer two distinct requirements; utility and aesthetics. A door should, of course, open and close, but the way in which it achieves this function can impact upon the enjoyment it brings… Can a door really bring pleasure? As part of a visual whole, you betcha!

What’s in a Door?

Patio doors and space saving extension by Apropos Conservatories.

Patio Doors – Commonly fitted in pairs, Apropos Patio doors have a striking retro-modern look and can be configured to suit your needs, opening inwards or outwards according to the space available. The style is traditional, and in a large room, the patio, or French door, brings a feeling of architectural continuity.

sliding doors by Apropos conservatories

Sliding Doors – Created from large panels of your choice of glass, the sliding door runs on tracks for effortless use and a seamless finish. Suitable for any entrance, particularly where space is limited, sliding doors frame a view, welcoming the outside in. And as Apropos doors are bespoke, you needn’t be hindered by unconventional spaces.

Folding Sliding Doors by Apropos Conservatories

Aprofold Doors – Possibly the most flexible of all door designs, Aprofold doors fold, slide and concertina, stacking to the left or right of an entryway, helping you to integrate home and garden. Entirely customisable, Aprofold doors can work equally well in long or short runs. And with no floor frame to create a barrier, they work wonderfully well on internal doorways as well as external, allowing flooring uninterrupted flow throughout a house.

In just the same way that soft furnishings can augment or detract from the elegance of a room, doors and windows can work upon the integrity of a structure, so it’s worth putting some thought into your finishing touches if you want to make your home adoorable.

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