In With The Old, In With The New.

Published on 10th December 2013

There’s a phrase that’s frequently bandied around the home improvements block; the continuation of an architectural story. It essentially means that when looking at a property there might be a better way than bulldozing and starting again. Through inventive design and clever construction it becomes possible to transform a space, or a place, without erasing every original feature.

At Apropos we can see the appeal of both approaches and whether you’re adapting the old or beginning anew we can help to make sure that your architectural story has a happy ending.

Something Old…

Lean to Extension by Apropos listed building

If you own a period property and love its features but could use more space, or hanker after more light, a sharp and shapely glazed extension could serve you well. While there is often an emphasis on the importance of treating older properties with sympathy, it does not go to say that new additions must remain akin to the existing structure. Contrast often delivers the most complimentary results.

The clean, incisive lines of an Apropos conservatory, orangery or atrium can create a magnificent divergence that highlights the beauty of the original design while making no bones about its own individuality. Rather than looking like a tacked-on afterthought, like many an embarrassed period pastiche, the extension clearly states that yes; it’s new, but no; there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be there. The clear distinction between materials – glass and aluminium against bricks or stones – is a strong stylistic statement, but if handled ‘sympathetically’, the improvement won’t just be to the function of the home, but to the form as well.

Something New…

New Build Architectural Glazing by Apropos

In many ways, starting a building from scratch can seem like a simpler option and with a good architect amazing results are within easy-ish reach. At Apropos our designers regularly work with external architects as well as individual customers, helping clients to add fluidity and light to their new homes with glorious glazing.

As we create all of our glassware to order it’s simple for Apropos to accommodate almost any customer’s wishes, but when we’re part of the original planning process the sky is literally the limit. While the HUF Haus phenomenon is growing in popularity, if you want to buy British and have the flexibility of design and material type while maintaining the airy HUF effect, Apropos can help.

Old, new, or somewhere in between; wherever you live and however you want your home to be, Apropos are full of ideas to enhance your architectural story. For more information call us on 0161 342 8206 or click here to book your free, no obligation, consultation with one of our highly experienced designers. 

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