Cooking Up A Storm.

Published on 6th December 2013

Orangery Kitchen Extension by Apropos

Kitchens can be lonely places. They’re often described as the heart of the home, but these days houses are smaller, and while we might still have an idealised image of a warm, glowing room and a family gathered around a table with a nutritious meal laid out upon it, the reality is usually quite different. The modern kitchen can often be a through-zone, where one person cooks and everyone else visits fleetingly. With a little bit of clever planning and a touch of design genius all of that could change, making your kitchen the place to be.

Whether you’re yearning for a family hub, where everyone’s activities can integrate, or a sleek and stylish space to hold sophisticated soirees – try saying that after a cocktail or two! – a kitchen extension can have a huge impact on the way that you live your life. So, it’s important that your structure gives you exactly what you need.

There is a golden rule in kitchen design, based around the holy kitchen trinity of sink, cooker and fridge. A kitchen extension however, should offer more than just the basics; whether L-shaped, U-shaped, squared or galley, the space needs to work for you, and because everything Apropos is bespoke, we can help you to achieve just that – it’s merely a case of working with your ingredients and finding the right recipe.

For many people a conservatory or lean-to will make the ideal kitchen extension; with floor-to-ceiling glass you can create a bright and airy space that opens up from the cooking area and can be adapted to suit your purpose; dining room, homework station, lounge, TV room or party zone. At Apropos we’re not constrained by standardised materials, so we’re able to work with less conventional spaces and make sure that your extension looks like it belongs to your property, rather than a tacked on after-thought.

If you like the idea of a conservatory, but would prefer more privacy, an orangery integrates glazing and brickwork, providing sheltered areas while allowing light to flood in. Alternately, you could go completely bespoke, even double storey. Simply let our design team know what you’re looking for – how you want to use the space, where you’d like your plug sockets, whether you’ll want to access the garden, if you have any fixed aesthetics or features in mind (climate control, bi-fold doors, or areas of opaque glass to deter nosy neighbours) – and let their imagination run free. Between you, you could come up with a room that will not only answer your every need, but also be the envy of everyone else!

Made from the best and strongest of materials, with our skills and your wish list as a guide your Apropos kitchen extension has the potential to be life changing.

‘I only have a kitchen because it came with the house…’ is a common enough joke among the domestically-challenged. We like to think that if you ever choose to relocate your buyer might say ‘we only have the house because it came with the kitchen…’

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