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Published on 26th November 2013
Thinking outside the box has become one of those slightly hackneyed phrases that we’d normally hesitate to use, but it’s tricky because here at Apropos – it becomes pretty literal!

replacement orangery by Apropos conservatories

What is your typical British house? Technically speaking, it’s a box made of bricks. A large stretched cube with a few small apertures and a lightly pitched roof, the average house is not a thing of inspiration. With our glass extensions and architectural glazing, the Apropos aim isn’t just to think outside the box, but to the change the box entirely.

Sound daunting? Not a bit of it!

It can be difficult to see the potential of a property when it has acted as pivot for your busy life for years. Whether you live in a two-bed terrace or a sprawling country pile, everything is as it is and working out how to make it yours can often take a lot of thought, and sometimes a fresh pair of eyes. No matter if your plans are nebulous or fully formed, the Apropos design team can guide, suggest, or even start from scratch, helping you break down the brick box barriers and make your house a real home.

Orangery Addition by Apropos Conservatories

While a curvaceous conservatory can increase your functioning footprint, if you want to add light and lustre to a home look at your walls a little differently; imagine the brick transformed into strong, thermally-efficient glass with folding-sliding doors making the garden a single step away. You could twin those doors with a set inside, allowing the light to travel further, or you could step it up a dozen feet or so and take your transformation higher; a double-storey atrium could be a revelation, or a sleek glass balcony could make your bedroom the place to be.

At Apropos our focus is the creation of bespoke glass architecture, and the beauty of bespoke is that whatever it is that you’re trying to achieve; wherever you’re trying to build; whichever room you’re trying to brighten, we have the means as well as the will to help you accomplish it. We make all of our own parts, so you’ll not find yourself restricted by formulaic designs, meaning that that little bit of waste space to the side or the back of the house can be transformed into something wonderful.

Large Lean To Conservatory case study by Apropos Conservatories

The way that we feel about our homes can influence our whole way of life, it’s time to make the best of yours.

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