Safe as Houses.

Published on 20th November 2013

Quiz time!

Q: What connects the moon, your smart phone, sapphires and your Apropos conservatory?

A: Aluminium.

Aluminium is one of the most plentiful metals on the planet (and on the moon, apparently!). It can be recycled more or less limitlessly. It is incredibly strong – four strategically placed six-packs of aluminium cans will support the weight of a 1.8 tonne car. It has a melting point of 660.4°C (1220.7°F), so even the most ferocious of house fires will not bring it down. And with skill, it can be cast relatively easily.

Aluminium & Glass Kitchen Extension by Apropos

All this is why Apropos loves aluminium.

Apropos and aluminium have had a long history together – a romance if you will. While we have fired it to craft our extrusions, it has fired up our imaginations, allowing us to push the boundaries of architecture in glass safely, efficiently and beautifully. It doesn’t burn and degrade like wood, it doesn’t warp or impose structural or design limitations like UPVC, but it does deliver strength, durability, flexibility and style – all of which mean that, among other things, our folding sliding doors can have the slimmest sightlines around.

For most modern homeowners security is a primary concern; we don’t just build to protect our possessions, but our family too, so our houses need to be places of strength and safety. Which might not be the first thing that comes to mind when looking at an orangery or kitchen extension; Apropos frames may offer strength, but what about the glass?

Did you know that aluminium is also used in glassmaking? Glass is no longer merely a compound of sand and heat; today we use all sorts of esoteric coatings, to reinforce the panes and protect against thermal transference (both inwards and out). With a little technical trickery, we can improve your privacy with glass that switches from clear to opaque, or deliver peace of mind with a strongly toughened outer pane called Pyrocet, which has been made to withstand the rigours of fire.

There are all sorts of consideration to take into account before embarking on a home renovation, but if you’re planning on embarking upon your Apropos journey, security isn’t one of them. As the saying goes; our home extensions are safe as houses.

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