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Published on 15th November 2013

Apropos Modular Garden Studio

Chill out zone, or studio? Office space, or lifestyle enhancer? Somewhere serious, or a place to play? If you had an extra room what would you do with it? If that extra room was detached from the house, removed from the noise of the family and the distractions of home, but within sprinting distance on the rainiest of days; secure, warm, bright and connected to the mains, would that change your initial thoughts? What if the space was modular and ready to be configured exactly to suit your requirements?

Welcome to the Apropos Garden Studio; yours to do with what you will…

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If you are one of the 1,600,000 people who work from home in the UK, the chances are that at some point you’ve been dissatisfied with your office. While the spare bedroom might be convenient – and rent-free – it might also be a struggle to keep it as your own. Nice organised spaces are a magnet for household paraphernalia; you may find the Christmas decorations stored on top of your bookcases, the clothes horse erected in a corner on a rainy day, or your stationery supply looted with disturbing regularity. Having a separate and defined work space, which comes with its own lock and key can make all the difference to both productivity and the work-life ratio.

Perhaps equally important in modern life is the securing of ‘me time’. Having a time and a place to make your own when the world is going mad around you can remove stress by the root. It seems men folk have known this for centuries – hence the appeal of the garden shed but if you prefer bright, warm, comfortable spaces to spider-infested then a garden room may just be for you. Writing, jewellery-making, yoga, or model trains; however you like to unwind Apropos can configure a garden room to suit.

Atelier by Apropos’ Garden Studios are compromise-free. Architect-designed to maximise space, light, utility and visual aesthetics they are the ultimate in useful garden features and design. With warm timber cladding, a strong aluminium frame and as much glazing as you wish, your Apropos garden room can be a triumph of functional form. Purpose built and self-contained, to misquote Keats, we think that an Apropos Atelier Garden Room is ‘a thing of beauty and a joy forever.’

Whether working, playing or relaxing, a space to truly call your own can transform your life.

If you would like to order your free copy of Apropos’ 2013 brochure please click here or call us on 0161 342 8200. To book a complimentary design consultation with our highly regarded design team please click here.



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