Apropos: An Extension of You.

Published on 6th November 2013
We have a question: How well does your home reflect your personality?

Are you old school with a splash of modernity?

If you built it yourself, probably quite well; you might have a floating staircase, gothic-inspired tower, an eco plant-lined rooftop, or a lap-pool sunk deep into the basement. If you’re not among these lucky few however, chances are that when you cut away the froth and fancy of soft furnishings and paintwork, you’ll find yourself living in a plain brick box, which says more about the people who built it – or the time in which it was built – than it could ever say about you.

The thing is, it’s all about recognising potential. People are often scared about altering their homes; it will be too expensive; it will cause too much disruption; it might go wrong. And if you try cutting corners those fears are often valid, but with bespoke additions – glass extensions, skylights, patios and curtain glazing – you are in control from the off-set and you can get exactly what you want.

It really doesn’t take much to transform an everyday semi-detached property into an envy-inspiring home, but what’s more; it doesn’t take much for you to make it your own. If the kitchen is at the heart of your family, why not make it glorious? Open up the sides, add a tailor-made conservatory, or orangery and let it be the home-hub it’s always longed to be.

If your loft conversion is too dingy to use, skylights are great, but glazed wall inserts are better!

If you want a home that flows, bringing the family together, ditch your doors and non-supporting walls and replace them with folding-sliding doors; they’ll let the light shine through, deliver a cohesive, unified ambience, and yet allow you to compartmentalise when the need arises.

Or ultra futuristic and bold?

With an Apropos home renovation, the size and the shape of house matters little; we’re not hampered by formulaic design plans; we make everything just for you. Size, shape, colour, glass type; it’s all bespoke, allowing you to make your home really feel like it’s your home.

Bespoke is a funny word, when you think about it. Unless you already know what it means, there’s no clue there to give it away. It originally was used in relation to speech, as you might guess; if you were well bespoken you were courteous and polite in the fifteenth century. In the sixteenth century it might have made you witty and original of thought. In the seventeenth century it made you a master craftsman. In present day architecture it makes you Apropos.

‘I am not a number!’ screamed The Prisoner…  And neither is your house… Ok, so may be it is; but it can also be an extension of you.

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