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Published on 18th October 2013

It’s slightly embarrassing, because we don’t like to brag, but it seems that despite always working to bespoke designs, at Apropos we’re very much ‘on-trend’ at the moment. Folding-sliding doors are all the entryway rage and we like them so much that we’ve been making our own variation on the folding-sliding theme for years now; Aprofold.

Would a door by any other name open just as well? Perhaps, but we think that the Aprofold is a little bit special.

The clue is in the name really; it folds and it slides, and being made by Apropos, its dimensions can be tailored to suit your space requirements, meaning that even a small room can benefit from an aperture that opens completely, with a concertina that can be formed to stack wherever best suits your home. Essentially, the folding-sliding door is a mobile wall, with the added bonus of admitting light into the heart of your home, meaning that you can be cosy and protected while viewing the outside world all year round (as we offer the slimmest sightlines available your view will be almost unimpeded), and simply fold and slide it aside when you want the air to circulate.

As the folding-sliding mechanism requires no floor tracks to guide Aprofold doors, it becomes possible, with the use of clever flooring, to merge indoors with out, creating an expansive feeling in a home. Rooms can seem to flow effortlessly into the great outdoors, while the elements are kept at bay.

Aprofold doors don’t just work on externals walls however; when used internally they can help you to create an entirely open-plan experience, letting light flow through your home and integrating all the family’s activities, while maintaining the ability to compartmentalise when someone needs privacy, or noise escalates.

Folding-sliding doors are all about blurring boundaries; who wants to feel hemmed in, in their own home? Glass allows everything to interconnect, even while blocking off the undesirables; cold, wet, noise, smells. Sure, you could just slide, or you could just fold, or you could use a plain, old-fashioned hinge, but at Apropos we like to do all three; that’s just the way we roll… fold… and slide.

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