Shut Out The World.

Published on 7th October 2013

The Wildhearts called it a ‘hate the world day;’ that feeling when all you want is to be shut away in your own little cocoon, cosseted from the mundane trials of bills and work and petty annoyance.

At Apropos we call it an Apropos Garden Room day, because when the world gets too much, there’s no better place to be.

Garden rooms are often considered the preserve of the home worker, but if you have the space – and with careful planning you don’t need much – a garden room can make a wonderful retreat for anyone; you just need to make it yours.

Five Favourite Garden Room Hobbyists:

  • The Author – We’re told that everyone has a novel inside them; it’s just a case of letting it out. In your own quiet corner, with rain pattering on the timber roof, or sun caressing your desk through the gorgeous glazing, everything but your writing equipment is provided to set your inspiration free.
  • The Fat Controller – There’s many a spouse who can’t understand the draw of the steam age and the figurines it inspires. Shut away with your tracks spread before you, with no ringing phones and no nagging chores, your Apropos garden room can become an entire world of your making.
  • The Seamstress – No kids to distract, no pets to muddle your threads, no worktables to unearth before you begin; just a cup of tea, your favourite music and an organised space for you to create in.
  • The Artist – Through rain-speckled glass your garden is transformed into an impressionist masterpiece. In the fog it looks like a Turner. In the sunshine it’s an original, created by you. All of life is found in the garden – viewed from your garden room you’ll meet no better muse.
  • The Fitness Fan – From a zen-filled Sun Salutation to a music-fuelled, heart-pounding running machine session, a garden room provides the space and interruption-free place, for you to work your mood back to equanimity.
Grab yourself a cup of tea, your favourite playlist, those comfy clothes & shut out the world in your very own Apropos Garden Studio.







We all need somewhere on those troublesome days when the world won’t stay at bay. Make yours an Apropos garden room and you’ll always have a tranquil retreat without ever leaving your own back garden.

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