Orangeries In Autumn.

Published on 15th October 2013

The month is October and the colour is orange. Bright are the leaves just clinging to the trees, fiery the crocosmia flourishing their last in the flower beds, and soft is the sky under the blush of autumn sunsets.

Stay cosy this autumn in one of Apropos’ modern orangeries.

The nights are drawing in, the weather is getting colder, but we care not a jot; we’re snug and warm in our orangery, looking out as the world changes around us.

The reason why everyone associates glass houses with the clement weather of early summer is fairly obvious; glass used to be impractical stuff. It magnified the high summer heat and welcomed in the winter cold, allowing fingers of ice to creep along internal surfaces and wind to howl through sealant gaps. Oh, the Great British weather laughed in the face of glass, challenging it to do its best, but knowing that it could never keep it out. These days glass laughs back!

Cooked and coated with precision, the glass used in every single Apropos installation is strong enough to let the weather do its worst, while you sit in the shelter of your orangery enjoying the storm, feeling a part of it, yet knowing that it cannot touch you.

Picture the scene: the evening is drawing in, the sky is a deep blue-purple paling to dusky grey as it reaches the roofline, casting shadows in your garden; a light rain was pattering, but has been blown away by the gusts of cold wind which are now making the fallen leaves dance and swirl across the lawn; they are red, orange and brown, while a few doughty greens still cling to the branches, shivering with an air of impatience. With the lights down low, you can see it all, but your wood burning stove is radiating heat, your armchair is comfy; in a moment you will turn on the lights and pick up a newspaper or novel; soon the kids will come in from school, bringing a blast of cool air and demanding food, the place will be transformed into a hive, a home-hub of activity, but for now you are settled in your Apropos Orangery and all is serenity.

The clue is in the name really; some people think that the orangery was named after the fruits that used to grow in it – but it’s also the colour of the season this glass extension is best suited to.

Albert Camus said that ‘Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.’ With an Apropos orangery you don’t need waterproofs and five layers of clothing to enjoy it.

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