Double the Fun.

Published on 25th October 2013

There’s something about building in glass that seems to restrict the mind. If, over dinner, a friend mentions that they’re considering a glass extension, one’s thoughts immediately turn to the conservatory, or possibly an orangery, a greenhouse – if the friend is horticulturally minded. We mull the logistics of extending outwards, garden space eroded, access altered, and there the notions stop; curtailed by the tops of our heads. But what about building upwards? Now, there’s an idea worth consideration.

An atrium, or double storey glass extension, can completely transform a home; not just its appearance, but the way in which it is used, and the pleasure that it brings. And while yes; glass architecture can have its limitations, you need only look at the Shard to see that vertical construction is not one of them.

Admittedly, at Apropos our client’s aspirations tend not to be quite that lofty – at least, none have asked us to create anything quite that tall! – but a well-designed and cleverly executed atrium happens to be one of our favourite things. Visually stunning, a thoughtfully positioned atrium can illuminate an entire house, allowing the sun to reach into the very heart of the building, creating drama, delivering a focal point, reducing electricity bills (no, really!) and adding unmitigated personality. If you want to make your mark on the home you own without knocking it down and starting again, there is no more striking way than the construction of a double storey glass extension.

The uses of an atrium can be as varied as any other room in a house; for some it will simply be an attractive entryway that infuses the building with light; for others it will be a walkway, which joins disparate parts of their home. Some people use atriums as an area of reflection, while others adapt them to family life, as they would an orangery; making it a home-hub around which the household revolves.

Because all Apropos constructions are bespoke and our aluminium extrusions are incredibly strong, our designs are not hampered by the restrictions imposed by standardised industry components, so if you’re working with a small, or particularly large, space we can tailor all the necessary materials to suit your needs. If you wish only to high-light your hall way with an atrium we can help; but equally extending the entire front of your house with a beautifully thermally protected glass extension is well within our means. Tell us about your very grandest of design dreams; we should be able to make them solid.

Next time, over dinner, when a friend mentions that they’re considering a glass extension, may be think beyond the greenhouse and above the conservatory; who knows where their imagination has taken them, or where yours could take you.

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