Crystal Clear.

Published on 30th October 2013

It can be a complicated business, renovating your home. First there’s the design, then you have the technicalities; what materials should we use; how will we insulate; will it be light/dark/private enough; is it secure. Then you move onto the glass; life seemed simple when the question revolved around single, double, or triple glazing and cost was the main concern. Now, there is such a diverse range available that it can be confusing, so here’s a friendly Apropos guide for you to sit back and relax with as we walk you through our maze of amazing glazing.

Standard Glass – It’s a bit of an oxymoron, Standard Glass, but as Low-e (Low Emissivity) is now industry standard, that’s what we’ll call it. Used throughout Apropos structures, Low-e is created with a thermal coating on both sides of the pane to reduce the amount of heat which passes through in either direction.

Where a tougher, shatter-proof glass is needed for safety reasons, such as in pool rooms, Low-e Laminated is there to deliver identical performance and extra peace of mind.

Frosted, Satin and Ultra White Laminated are also available for places where a little extra privacy is required; ideal for bathrooms, lavatories and over-looked rooms.

Specialist Glass – While Low-e works well, in large, mainly glass extensions, such as orangeries, atriums and kitchen extensions, Solar Control may be called for. With a toughened inner and outer pane, this glass decreases heat transference by 65%, reducing heating and air-con bills by creating the Goldilocks effect; your ambient temperature should be ‘just right’ year round.

For boundary walls and older buildings with a greater fire risk Pyrocet provides a little extra reassurance; it is toughened, fire-resistant and helps to hamper the spread of flames.

Clever Glass – For glazed wall inserts on upper storeys, or the roofs of glazed extensions, the Pilkinton Activ range (Clear, Neutral and Blue) comes with the ability to clean itself. The solar-controlled glass is finished with a photocatalytic and hydrophilic coating which helps dirt to break down under the sun and wash away in the rain without leaving streaks.

If you’re wanting a room that’s permanently enriched with natural light but needs occasional privacy curtains may be the obvious answer, but they’re a bit old-hat and have a tendency to harbour dust mites, unlike Switch Glass, which can slip from opaque to clear at the flick of switch, giving you control whenever you want it.

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