Conversing the Conservatory.

Published on 11th October 2013

It’s a funny word, ‘conservatory’. While it did perfectly well for the early installations, ‘conserving’ the tender plants the structure was first built to protect, these days it doesn’t really cut the mustard. There is no allusion in the name to the array of styles available, and certainly no reference to the vast number of potential uses that the conservatory presents, apart from, perhaps, conserving the peace by giving your family extra space!

Today there are five distinct categories of conservatory-like glass extensions widely used, although a vast assortment fit under the final heading; Standard, Lean To, Reverse Lean To, Victorian, and Bespoke. At Apropos we try to make sure that there is nothing ‘standard’ about any of our work, but we can certainly bring something bespoke to any conservatory design.

The Usual Conservatory Suspects.

 Standard – The standard conservatory is what comes to most minds when the topic arises. Attached to the rear of a property, this glass extension is usually curved, often made from uPVC and is commonly a relic of the 1980s. Needless to say, an Apropos Standard conservatory is different in significant ways; we construct all our builds using custom-made aluminium for increased durability and style, and offer a range of high-performance glazing to ensure the new room is fit for use year-round. The design may be ‘standard’, but we will tailor it to suit your specific needs, so you’ll not be hampered by tight corners or errant windows.

Lean To – Taking its support from the main body of the house, the Lean To conservatory is often a more angular affair than the standard; it has a modern feel and is ideal for maximising smaller spaces. It is flexible and often makes use of a slanting roofline to increase its useable footprint without inhibiting the view from upper storey windows.

Reverse Lean To – Possibly the quirkiest member of the conservatory family, the Reverse Lean To takes all the qualities of its older sibling and turns them back to front. Ideal for single-storey dwellings, it has an almost rakish demeanour, with its roof cocked jauntily, drawing the eye ever upwards to exploit the expansive feeling of unfettered sky.

Victorian – Long and ornate, usually with a low brick wall, elaborately-domed roof and curlicues on exposed struts, the Victorian conservatory is almost the British archetype. Appealing, practical and oozing quality, if constructed well; the Victorian conservatory aspires to be an orangery, with extra glazing.

Bespoke – All of the above and so much more! A Bespoke conservatory is basically anything you want it to be; a Standard with a Victorian roof cloche; a Lean To with a low wall; a long thin Reverse Lean To, or something completely original to fit in with the space available to you.

Conservatories are no longer the simple constructions the name implies; they are diverse and beautiful, and things of infinite use.

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