Something Old, Something New.

Published on 20th September 2013

There is a generally held belief in the construction world that if the owner of a modern home wishes for a glass extension the globe is their mollusc, where as with older, period properties horizons are more or less limited to the scope of a sympathetic orangery. At Apropos we laugh in the face of convention and kick sand in the teeth of the generally held belief (or at least we would, if it wasn’t a mean thing to do!). With a little extra thought and a carefully executed design we think that contrast can be a beautiful thing, and here are some examples to prove it.

Glorious greenhouses – The standard greenhouse design is older than most of the houses we now live in, but that doesn’t go to say that you should stick to tradition when adding one to a period property. The owners of this gorgeous Georgian manor wanted something striking in which to propagate their plants and this is the result; matching brickwork, grey aluminium and clean lines meet beneath a curvaceous roof cloche in a construction which looks like it should always have been there, while defying the expectations of uPVC purveyors.

Lovely Lean-to’s – Smart and sleek against rugged stone, this lovely lean-to conservatory goes to show why opposites attract. That the contrast is so complete is what makes this construction work. The pale struts almost allow the new building to fade from view while the sharply angled roof and straight edges deliver a modern, minimalist twist. The solid back wall of the conservatory provides privacy, while the glass lets the light flood in, making this a hugely functional addition to what had been a fairly cramped home.

Cute Canopies – There is something reminiscent of a railway station about this one, which is sure to appeal to the steampunk enthusiasts. The charming red brick is sheltered by a slim glass awning which makes a statement by its very quiescence; it complements the original building with its shape and form, following the trajectory of the roofline while marking its own independence with the dark brown powder-coating

Ravishing Roof Lights – Possibly the simplest way to bring life to a listed building. As long as they are rendered sympathetically, they can make a huge impact on the light and air which enters a home, while having little bearing on the integrity of the original structure. Where construction is not limited by listed building regulations, skylights and roof lights can be elevated to create a more interesting visual aspect, add height to a room and make a design statement. Here, Pilkington Activ Clear glass has been used for simple maintenance.

Old or new, your home is your own and at Apropos we believe that the only limitations to prevent you from getting the look you love should be purely practical. Forget design conventions and widely held beliefs; if you know what you want from your home, we know how to help you get it.

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