Small But Perfectly Formed.

Published on 25th September 2013

Dead space. Almost every home has some; a cranny, corner, or sometimes area of garden, which is totally unused. It sits there, gathering dust or growing weeds, apparently too small, or awkward to make any use of. It seems maddening for a while, but you get used to a building’s foibles and learn to live with the things which once drove you crazy.

Accepting a room and loving it are two very differing things though, and sometimes small changes can make a big impact; it’s not as difficult as you might think to make an unloved corner into a functional living space.

Victorian and Edwardian terraces are probably the worst dead-space culprits, with ill-conceived add-ons extending out in a hotch-potch of styles, leaving strangely-shaped gaps impossible to utilise. With galley-kitchens and indoor bathrooms these houses were modernised to the enth degree, then at some point after the 1960s inspiration ran dry.

You can see why such decisions were made; room was needed, but windows had to be left unblocked, causing a creative conundrum. These days however, we have the technology to do what our predecessors could not; build practically, stylishly and affordably with glass, thus opening up a whole new world of possibilities.







While there are a multitude of conservatory companies plying their trade in the UK, Apropos focus on bespoke architecture in glass, which means that whatever the size or shape of the dead space in your home, we’ll be able to come up with a solution to help you revive it.

Imagine your kitchen without two of its solid walls, with a bright glass carapace stretching out over that disused patch of concrete where you currently keep your bins. The living room window is gone too; the whole side of the house extended to create an elegant open-plan area, giving you not just an extra eight square feet to play with, but a light and airy home in which it’s a joy to live.

With an Apropos custom-made aluminium frame for support, it becomes possible to remove external walls, and when a whole side of a house is  built from glass and half the roof is made of skylights, the loss of a little window becomes irrelevant.

Whether you go for a lean-to conservatory, full glass extension, or even a skylight to brighten a dingy corner, there are endless ways to improve your home and get the very best out of the space available to you.

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