Open Your Mind To Open Plan.

Published on 10th September 2013

There has been an undeniable move accross Britain in recent years towards open-plan living. It’s a more sociable way of life, which increases interaction between family members, allows for more convenient entertaining and invites light and air into the home – making for an enviable lifestyle change.

But, as the majority of dwellings across the UK have a history dating beyond the last decade, it can sometimes seem difficult to achieve the much vaunted ‘open plan’. From 60s semis to Victorian terraces there is, however, a way, and that way is glass.

Apropos began life more than 50 years ago, with a focus on glass construction, which then evolved into a passion for architecture in glass. We’ve followed some trends and helped to create others, all the while delivering unique and exciting living spaces for clients who wish to make their homes their own, whilst picking up a thing or two along the way.  You might even say that open plan is very much our thing.

While the orangery is the incontrovertible queen of open plan, creating the ideal light-filled home-hub for you to build your family life around, there are countless options available for revitalising your space, joining rooms and bringing the outside in. Sometimes all it takes is gaining new perspective of your home through a fresh pair of eyes.

Lean-to conservatories make fantastic kitchen-diners, not just opening up a smaller space and letting the light flood in, but enhancing your entertaining – and general home cooking – experience by allowing you to interact with guests and keep an eye on the kids without them getting under foot.


Folding-sliding doors can enhance a home, both inside and out. While the obvious use is on an external wall, granting greater access to the garden, when used internally they can lighten a house and help to create a free-flowing space while enabling you to still establish separate rooms when noise is likely to be an issue.

Curtain glazing can do the same, allowing light to penetrate deep into a building whether used inside or out.

No matter the age or architectural style of your home, with a little bit of imagination open plan is an achievable option. You just need to open your mind to see it.

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