Lean On Me.

Published on 6th September 2013

Names are funny things. As Shakespeare said; ‘a rose by any other name would smell as sweet’, and yet we still let them influence us. Who hasn’t been caught pre-judging a person by the moniker their parents gave them? When a Tracy or Dwaine says something intelligent we find ourselves far more surprised than when their peers called Zachary or Evangeline do the same. And the phenomenon transcends our views of people – why else would brand management and marketing be such a hugely lucrative business?

At Apropos we believe that one of our favourite products has fallen foul of this very thing – the Lean-to Conservatory needs a damn good PR agency, and we might just know the people to do it.

The problem is that rather than being as inspirational and aspirational as the finished product, the lean-to’s name seems a little down at heel… Would you really want a conservatory that leansto? While all the name really implies is that your shiny new glass extension would share a wall with your existing home, saving you time, money and inconvenience, the connotation the name invokes is rickety; constructions that are unable to stand without support. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The Apropos Lean-To comes in two forms – standard and reverse, both bespoke and beautiful. The standard lean-to conservatory can work on almost any home of more than one storey. Uniquely flexible, they can be designed to suit your space, budget, functional requirements and aesthetic needs, from full-frontal glazing, to the incorporation of a dwarf wall. And as modern glass production techniques offer impressive thermal protection, a conservatory is now a thing of year-round function, opening up a vast array of uses for the space-poor home owner.

A reverse Lean-to is a great way to extend smaller homes and dormer bungalows creating that often much needed extra room.

Like it’s conventional sibling, the reverse lean-to conservatory provides additional space and a way to merge the indoors with the out, but with a converse design and a frontage that lifts up, away from the original structure to create an appealing cubist visual effect, the reverse lean-to works most effectively on lower buildings, such as dorma-bungalows. They maximise available space and draw the eye upwards to produce an impression of airiness – even the smallest of rooms benefit from the light levels generated by a high ceiling, and the conservatory is no exception.

All Apropos constructions are completely bespoke, created to suit the customer’s needs; whether that involves taking your design and making it into a tangible space, or listening to your dreams and designing a room to match is down to you, but the process for a lean-to is no more or less detailed than that of an orangery, garden room, pool house or atrium.

We all need somebody to lean on from time to time. Don’t misjudge the lean-to just because it is open about its needs; it could just as easily be called the ‘incline’, the ‘gradient’, or the ‘reverse disposition’ conservatory and it would be just as wonderful for all that.

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