Beautifully Bespoke.

Published on 13th September 2013

There is a theory that to thrive a person’s spiritual and emotional needs to be met as fulsomely as their physical. For some this means seeking religious fulfilment, for others it is the expression of their artistic bent, while yet more take solace from their family and friends.

This is a theory that the vast majority of architects would adhere to; while we know that literally speaking man probably could live by bread alone, we also know that there would be little joy in it. At Apropos we take the same view of housing; we know that a brick box provides a perfectly serviceable shelter, but unadorned and darkened it provides little pleasure, so while your house might currently give you bread and water, an Apropos glass extension can bring fruit, vegetables, meat, wine and chocolate to the table… Never forget the power of chocolate!

Sticking to the theme, but slightly mixing our metaphors, we like to think of ourselves as the Pâtissières of the building world (well, why not? The Bake-Off is back on telly!); our creations are perhaps not entirely essential, but they’re very hard to resist and rarely regretted. Like a master Pâtissière, we make structures that not only work functionally, but also look beautifully; they are tasteful and gorgeous, but because they are made to please one person alone – you – they are never compromised by a rogue and obtrusive element (don’t you just hate it when supermarket-bought mille-feuille are ruined by strangely flavoured custard?).

While we might not all be able to afford a personal pastry chef – alas, those days are much lamented! – there’s nothing to stop us having a go in the kitchen ourselves and the results are always better than off-the-peg packets. The same can be said with home improvements. Perhaps you don’t own a foundry to make your own glass and aluminium extrusions, but that’s ok; you don’t need to, because we do. And you do own an imagination. If you know what you want from your home, even just vaguely, we can help you to get it. From little roof lights to brightly bespoke kitchen-diners and garden rooms that bring pleasure whatever the weather; if you have a home-improvement hankering, we’re pretty sure we can help.

You wouldn’t shut a child away in a room with no stimulus, so why do it to yourself? Your home provides you with the basics; let us bring you your chocolate cake, summer pudding, Sunday roast and that sneaky bacon sandwich snaffled on the way back from the gym.

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