The Secret Garden Room.

Published on 30th August 2013

It was in 1911 that Frances Hodgson Burnett created her enchanting Secret Garden – with little idea that it would be captivating readers one hundred years hence, and yet, she hit on an idea with universal appeal.

Who wouldn’t want a space that was purely their own? Somewhere to escape to, with a lock and secret key, where tranquillity reigns. Unless you’re lucky enough to possess a roof terrace, an entire secret garden is a bit of a stretch these days, but a secret garden room, now that’s a different matter!

Crafted from glass, with a strong aluminium frame and stylish timber finish, an Apropos Garden Room could provide the ultimate get away for those times when it all gets too much. Designed just for you, every Apropos garden room is created to deliver the ultimate form and function for your needs without imposing upon your precious green space.  In fact, by maximising both the light-giving and reflective qualities of glass, our constructions can provide a bright and airy place to retire to while blending into their garden surrounds.

The beauty of a garden room, as opposed to a conservatory or home extension, is that it can be completely detached from your main dwelling space, meaning that you not only have the benefits of peace and quiet which come with a separate area, but also the psychological gain of physically leaving your home, while knowing that you’re within easy reaching distance should you be needed.

Think of it as a tree house for grownups; it’s entirely yours; built to your design; and no one can gain entry without your say so! Also like a tree house, you might know that it’s there, but if it’s cleverly sited, beautifully designed and constructed from the right materials, an Apropos garden room could settle into your property as if it had always been; as unobtrusive as you wish it to be.

While we may not all have a sickly cousin Colin, or a wild and enchanting Dickon with whom to share our worries and joys, like Burnett’s contrary Mary most of us have a Medlock in our lives, whether literal or metaphorical, and having a place to escape to can make all the difference.

An Apropos Garden Room could provide just the secret space you’re looking for. 

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