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Published on 21st August 2013
 What does your door say about you? Open and expansive? Sharp and stylish? Or a little bit shabby and cracked about the edges? If first impressions count, then your door is really a big deal.

sliding doors by Apropos conservatories

While we all know that aesthetic beauty is only a veneer, at Apropos we think that a perfectly appointed piece of functional architecture is a joy forever; and they don’t come much more functional than doors. Luckily, Apropos doors are pretty good looking too (even if we do say so ourselves!), so if you’re aspiring to make a real entrance, we have all bases covered.

The type of door you choose to use for any part of your home comes down to three things; function, space, and visual impact. In other words; what do you want it to do; what do you want it to look like; and will it fit?

While Aprofold folding-sliding doors look fantastic and offer the ideal solution for those with kitchen-diners who wish to make the most of garden living or to brighten up interior spaces, they’re not so suited to a small vestibule or patio area at the front of the house where the world and his dog can see into your home; there, a more traditional patio-style door might do a better job, and if the door looks out on to the street, you might want to consider the use of frosted or opaque glass.

Equally, Aproglide sliding doors work wonderfully well on conservatories or on rooms where there is plenty of wall space to accommodate the mechanism. They offer unimpeded views and a wide aperture for fresh air without impacting on the internal or external floor space, making them the ultimate solution for long, thin rooms and shallow gardens, but not so good for the reverse featured spaces.

The type of door your choose to finish a room can also impact upon the over all feel of the space, not just in relation to the light and air which enters the room, but also influencing other features, such as flooring. Being frameless, Aprofold doors allow for inside and outside flooring to meet seamlessly (unless you happen to use carpet inside!), while the locking mechanism of a patio door requires a frame for security, which may impact upon mobility for wheelchair users.

Once you’ve chosen the door for you, all that remains is to dress it. The modern minimalist may wish for stark clean lines, opting for a grey powder-coated finish and enjoying the industrial-chic elegance of an unadorned space, but for a cosier finish there are plenty of ways to make your door a reflection of you. While Apropos extrusions can be coated in a range of shades to match your tastes, from bright black to homely duck-egg green, it’s the finishing touches that can make the difference. Hanging baskets, sculpted box, potted plants or a family of recycled metal chickens; your door can say a lot about you, so help it to make the best impression every time.

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