Let There Be Light.

Published on 6th August 2013

Aprofold doors form the basis for a modern Orangery helping light to enter your home throughout.

Although space paucity seems to be the cry which most reverberates when discussing British housing, there is a cranny, a corner, or sometimes even a whole room in the average home which goes unused and unloved.

These spaces sometimes become a dumping ground, sometimes a passageway, but often they’re forgotten, except in grumbling maintenance thoughts. Space, or a lack thereof, however, really is a problem in the UK, so wasting it seems almost sinful.

At Apropos we know that one of the primary reasons for a room to be abandoned is that it is no longer a pleasant place to be; it could be chilly or damp or excessively gloomy; it might be impractically shaped or lacking in purpose. Whatever the reason, it’s about time that you breathed new life into the place, and Apropos might be able to help!

Sometimes all it takes is a little imagination to transform a home and upgrading the aspect of one space can have a knock-on effect throughout the house, particularly where light is concerned. The quality of light in any room can be improved with the addition of judiciously placed glass; you just need a bit of creative thinking.

A glass room is a great way of linking two external buildings and creating a great channel through which light can travel into all areas of your home.

Internal areas can be the most dispiriting, with simple solutions being difficult to see, but any space with access to an external ceiling can be immediately brightened by an Apropos Skylight – or two, or three if the room allows! If you’re looking at a ground floor or basement room however, there are still light-giving remedies.

Folding-sliding doors are generally considered the preserve of orangeries and kitchen-diners; designed to be opened out into a garden. However, by replacing an interior wall with gliding glass doors you immediately allow natural light to penetrate further into the house. Equally, Apropos glazed wall inserts can help to brighten any space. If privacy is a problem, there is always the option of Ultra White or Switch glass, both of which allow light to infiltrate while bringing a funky modern feel to the area; these are particularly handy in bathrooms.

In rooms with an external wall the possibilities are boundless. A disused pantry, which sits grubby and ignored, can be knocked through, have windows and a glazed roof added to become a bright and fabulous dining, or food preparation area. Unused second bathrooms can be easily treated the same way, or converted into an orangery, and the outdoor loo that you’ve used as a shed could be harbouring secret desires to become a conservatory!

Atrium 2

The height of an atrium allows light to flood in from all angles and gives great views up above.

Even peripheral areas can impact upon a home. By replacing an old and dark carbuncle of a porch with an Apropos glazed canopy or glass veranda you can instantly lift a shroud from a house.

With space being at a premium, there’s no excuse for not making the most of your home, so go on; think about glass, think about aluminium frames, think about Apropos and think about how you could once again start to utilise that utility room.

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