Double Your House For Half The Money.

Published on 27th August 2013

With wages frozen and the cost of living creeping ever upwards there’s little wonder that we’re once more becoming a nation of make-do-and-mend-ers. Wherever you look someone is offering how-to tips on up-cycling, free-cycling, recycling and getting the most from your home for the least amount of cash. But while Kirstie Allsopp and Sarah Beeny make it all look so easy, can it really be that simple to both save money and live well?

To quote the late great John Lennon; yes, is the answer.

As purveyors of the stuff we might just be biased, but at Apropos we also think that glass is the answer.

There are many variables to consider in the move/improve equation, but whether you’re working on a tight budget or simply struggling to find a home that has all the features on your wish list, improving rather than moving can often make more sense, both economically and emotionally.

Although trends come and go in architecture, the one overwhelming selling point which has been adding value to houses for decades, if not centuries, is the amount of light which enters them. While glass extensions used to be impractical, modern technology means that having an orangery as a home-hub is no longer considered an idealistic folly. Rather, a practical and appealing prospect, creating a vibrant functional space in which it is a pleasure to live.

Spreading light throughout a home is a lot easier than you might think. With a few sky lights you can brighten an entire aspect, while opening walls with glazed bi-fold doors you allow light to travel right through a house, which not only gives the impression of space, but adds a sense of cohesion. Exchanging an old brick porch for a glazed veranda can also lift a pall from a building while increasing useable space, and if you’d rather not encroach on your garden, to quote the not-so-great Yazz – the only way is up! Make the most of roof spaces – brighten your loft with wall inserts, or consider a glass extension on top of your garage – imagine a form of elevated conservatory; it would make the ideal office space, if you have nowhere to site a garden room. Making something a little bit different, which suits your needs entirely, is the beauty of buying bespoke. And taking just six months from order to installation, an Apropos home improvement project is a far less stressful solution than upping sticks entirely.

When it comes to economics not only will it cost you less to improve your home to the standard that you desire than it would do to move to another property – on average you will save around 50% on the cost of relocation – but you will be getting exactly what you want, while adding value to your home, so should you later decide to move on you can make a pretty penny into the bargain.

Moving home? That’s so last year! Improving delivers the best of all worlds.

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