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Published on 30th July 2013
Exterior Glass & Alumium Side Kitchen Extension

A Lean-to Glass & Aluminium Kitchen Extension can revive any home and adds an extra element of style.

Previously the remit of the apartment-dweller; those fashionable few who lived in lofty spaces of grizzled exposed brickwork and striking steel beams, industrial chic was considered beyond the means of the suburban homeowner, who would have to content themselves with chic of the shabby variety if a design-statement was called for. But why should the urbanites and metro-trendies have all of the fun? Steampunk is in, up-cycling is no longer avant-garde, and industrial chic is for everyone. Not sure where to begin your urban regeneration? At Apropos we might be able to help.

Now, a conservatory may not be your first thought when it comes to adding smokestack appeal to a property, but beyond the grime and grit, at the heart of industry is a smoothly running machine with no superfluous parts. Abstruse it may seem, but essential always. With an Apropos Lean-to Conservatory you can see the modern industrial age in action. Grunge and gloom may have been part of Dickensian manufacturing, but today is all about sharp lines, efficiency and getting the very best from the materials available to you, which happens to be our area of expertise.

Ideal for smaller spaces, or for situations where a little extra room is required in the house without taking away too much of the garden, lean-to conservatories provide a seamless passage between indoors and out. They’re common enough and can speak of suburban kitsch almost as loudly as chintz tablecloths and matching curtains, but once you move beyond the mass-produced white frames of UPVC you can find yourself in a realm of revolution.

Glass & Aluminium lean to extension by Apropos. Architecture in Glass.

The Aluminium sight lines used by Apropos gives this whole Kitchen Extension an industrial makeover.

Created from powder-coated aluminium extrusions, seamlessly formed into a utilitarian grid by rolled thermal break technology and completed by the very latest in glazing, with thermal properties so impressive that they would make the fathers of the industrial revolution quiver, an Apropos lean-to conservatory is more than architecture in glass; it is a piece of living artwork.

Durable, fire-resistant, eco-friendly; Apropos frames are as practical as they are attractive, but they go one step further too. You could spend a lifetime looking for the perfect ‘do-er up-er’, a building with the optimum combination of retro panache and workable features, or you could solidify your dreams with a bespoke creation from Apropos.

Style is not about throwing money at a project and hoping that some of it sticks; it is about choosing your materials wisely, designing with care and executing with flair. Style is a state of mind and at Apropos we can help you achieve it. From period cottages to 70s bungalows and 90s terraced houses, lean-to and reverse lean-to conservatories add simple elegance, transforming humdrum homes into inspiring spaces. Let us help you on your way to your own industrial revolution.

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