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Published on 18th July 2013

Like all good parents, at Apropos we love all of our children; from the humblest roof light to the most imposing atrium. We craft them with passion, enthusiasm and care, sending them out into the world with a warm glow of pride in our hearts. However, like many guilty parents, we must admit to occasional favouritism and during in the summer months we will always hold a soft spot for the humble yet iconic conservatory.

Not sure why? Take a peak at our favourite five conservatory projects.

1.     Lean-to Conservatory.

Bold as brass, the saying goes, but there’s nothing brash about this self-assured little number. Proving that a conservatory is for life and not just for summer, this project had two main points of focus; bringing light into a rather dingy kitchen-diner, and creating a functional family space that could be used year round.

The open-plan layout and matched brickwork perfectly complement the existing structure, while the glass-panelled roof and Aprofold doors flood the room with light in all seasons creating a great focal point high above the modern outdoor lighting.

When opened up Bi-Folding doors leave a whole wall open to the outside – creating a flow between home and garden.

This compact Lean-To Conservatory helps give the illusion of a much larger space thanks to the use of bi-folding doors to let in light.










2.     Lean-to Conservatory with dwarf wall.

Tampering with rural charm can be tricky, but at Apropos we love a challenge and sympathetically converting a sad old shed into a glorious garden room allowed us to flex our design muscles.

We waved goodbye to the crumbling bricks and corrugated tin roof, replacing them with temperature-controlled glass and clean white aluminium struts, helping our garden-loving clients to enjoy their grounds whatever the weather.

With no windows on the gable wall to worry about, we were able to take the build to the full height of the house, creating a truly magnificent space full of light and air, ideal for sheltering tender plants in the winter months.

Lean To with Dwarf Wall 2

The large expanses of glass mean that barely an inch of this wonderful view is lost and help bring the outside in.

This lean to conservatory nestles itself perfect into the beautiful countryside surrounding its host building – blending into the landscape.










3.     Reverse Lean-to conservatory.   

 We like this reverse lean-to conservatory not just because it’s a little bit different, but because it maximises the use of potential space.

On single-story properties it is easy to feel boxed-in, but the upwards trajectory of the reverse-lean-to’s roof pulls the attention skywards, giving the illusion of endless space and creating breathing room for our clients and their tallest pot plants alike!

With self-cleaning glass maintenance is a doddle, while the white aluminium frame adds a brightness and clarity to the design, marking it out as a modern masterpiece.

A Reverse Lean to means that you’ll have light and space enough to enjoy your garden whatever the English summer brings.

A reverse Lean-to is a great way to extend smaller homes and dormer bungalows creating that often much needed extra room.










4. Bespoke Conservatory.

This clever linking conservatory numbers among our favourite builds because it is such an inspired idea.

While anyone can make a covered walkway, it takes an astute mind to spot and fulfil potential. By converting the redundant space between the two parts of their property, we helped our client create the most wonderful, attractive and functional of new rooms.

Tinted, thermally controlled glass with classically-styled polyester powder coated aluminium adds real curve appeal to this property, while bi-fold doors help to bring the outside in.

A glass room is a great way of linking two external buildings and creating a great architectural feature for your home.

The installation of bi-folding doors also means that you won’t have to compromise on your outside space.










5.     Double-story Conservatory.

With floor-to-ceiling glass panels, which reach right up the roofline of the existing structure, this atrium is a breathtaking new stance on the original conservatory; a central home-hub full of life and light.

By mimicking the design of the two brick halves of the house we have created a cohesive whole. Grey aluminium brings a contemporary look, while the temperature-controlled, self-cleaning glass of the roof and walls combined with Aprofold doors create a feeling of expansiveness. For us, this is a conservatory to covet.

Atrium 2

The height of an atrium allows light to flood in from all angles and gives great views up above.

Atrium 1

This Atrium Conservatory cuts a striking figure between the two wings of this new build welsh home.










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