More Than Just A Lean-to.

Published on 1st June 2013

Have you ever noticed a friends forlorn conservatory; sitting empty and unloved for ten months out of every twelve?

Well here at Apropos we encounter such horrors all too often. For us this neglect always brings to mind the question – do their owners lack the faculties of imagination? Did they make the wrong decision when choosing their build? Or are they simply unaware of all the fabulous ways to utilise their conservatory space?

After all, we are far too space-poor in the UK to pass up on any opportunity for making the most of every inch available to us. Apropos understands that outdated white UPVC and off-the-shelf styling won’t be to everybody’s taste and may end up with the same sorry fate as dusty conservatories of old but a bespoke conservatory, on the other hand, can be a thing of beauty; possessing as much function as form.

The conservatory is, we’re told, an item of aspiration here in Blighty, with an estimated one in six of us having them on our residential wish lists, so why is it that once we have them we can’t work out what to do with them? Summer breakfasts; rainy day tea and biscuits; a spot to grow a friendly amaryllis or two at Christmas time; these are the obvious options, but how about thinking outside the glass box?

An Apropos conservatory can be as flexible and versatile as any other room in the house; possibly more so, with the light levels inviting endless uses; sitting room, study, kitchen, miniature orangery, or even a fabulous place to sew, read and claim that all important ‘me’ time.

With a little help from Apropos, you can easily turn your unused space into a fully functional room, wholly integrated with your home and your lifestyle. Bespoke isn’t just a buzz word to us; it’s what we do. From practical design solutions which incorporate those most awkward of corners, to ensuring that the glass in your structure has the right thermal properties to suit your needs; there really are no stumbling blocks to curb your enthusiasm. We’ll take care of planning permission, help to make sure that the new construction is sympathetic to the existing building, and our friendly team will bring as much warmth to the experience as the finished product will bring to your home. At Apropos we aim to ensure that we meet every need, hope and desire for your perfect conservatory.

An Apropos conservatory is only as limited as your imagination – so why not start thinking about what you could do with all that extra light and space? 

Then get in touch on 0161 342 8206 or click here to request a brochure. 

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