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Published on 21st June 2013

Let’s talk about doors. There’s not a day goes by when we don’t use a door and yet we never really think about them. Wooden, metal, glass, hinged, sliding, automatic; like so many minor pieces of architecture, they are ignored until they go wrong. But at Apropos we know what a difference a door makes. They’re not just things of functionality; a carefully chosen doorway can enhance a space; completely changing the aesthetic of a room and the way we live within it. Therefore, we think that they deserve some consideration.

Whether completing your conservatory or optimising your orangery, when choosing your door you need to contemplate the practical aspects of space and fit, functional features, and visual characteristics before making your selection.

Patio Doors

These Classic French doors give an elegant sophisticated feel to any orangery or conservatory extension.














Patio Doors, or French Doors as they are often known, give something of a classical look to any glass structure. Most commonly fitted in pairs, Apropos Patio doors can be configured to suit your needs, opening inwards or outwards according to the space available. In smaller gardens outward-opening doors can be unworkable, while inward-opening doors reduce the amount of useable space available in the room the doors belong to, but for large conservatories the traditional French Door creates a perfectly timeless feel. In a smaller construction Sliding doors are worth deliberation.

Sliding Doors

Apropos Sliding Door System allows for much wider expanses of glass; making the most of your views.

Being bespoke, Apropos sliding doors are available in myriad shapes, sizes and colours and can be fitted to any entrance – patio, extension, conservatory – blurring the boundaries between indoors and out. Created from large panels of your choice of glass (solar-controlled, self-cleaning, frosted), the sliding door runs on tracks for effortless use and a seamless finish. With no need for extra space on either side of the threshold, the sliding door is an ideal option for rooms where space is at a premium, and in offering the most fabulous uninterrupted view of your garden they provide an illusion of scale. However, part of the aperture will always be covered, limiting the opening potential. Not content with conventional? For an Apropos twist on the sliding classic take a look at AproFold.

AproFold Doors

Aprofold doors can open up entire sections of your home; creating a stunning blur between outside and in.

Folding-Sliding, Bi-folding and Concertina doors all come under our AproFold banner and offer the most flexibility when it comes to maximising space and stamping your personal style on a room.  Create a feeling of continuity by sliding back your glass walls and letting the outside in. Large, clear glass panels glide back to stack seamlessly to the left or right of an opening, either inside or out, creating the widest aperture for light and air, allowing you to enjoy the garden whatever the weather. They also work perfectly as internal room dividers. Like everything Apropos, AproFold Doors are custom-made, meaning that we can create the look and feel you want, in the space available to you.

All Apropos doors are double glazed, and with a wide choice of glass available, we can ensure that whichever look you choose, you’ll have the thermal properties you need for your lifestyle.

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