Bringing The Outside In – and keeping the cold out

Published on 2nd June 2013

All in all, 2013 has been a bit of a wash-out so far hasn’t it? Snow drifts in April, rain in May and the coldest spring in 50 years; it’s not exactly been weather worth making the most of.

It’s very easy to become inward-looking when the weather is awry, to batten down the hatches, and let the outside world take care of itself. Yet life feels so much better when instead we opt to bring the outside in; giving you, in lieu of boredom and wet weather activities, a sense of tranquillity which can only be gained by unfettered sky. It is here that Apropos’ glass buildings and extensions come into their own.

From patio doors to decadent dining rooms, letting the light in brings with it so many benefits, but what of the weather?

The perceived problem with glass, as anyone who has experienced an elderly conservatory will tell you, is that its thermal properties are… well… not the best. Conservatories and glass buildings are professed to bake you in summer and freeze you stiff in the winter. Throughout the conservatory’s long history, therefore, these luxurious buildings have been relegated to service as a summer house.

But, never fear – modern technology does, in fact, have its uses and these days glass is more than multifaceted. From windows that clean themselves (Pilkington Activ) to literal fire walls to protect your home (Pyrocet) and panes that shift from clear to opaque at the touch of a button (Switch Glass), there’s not an awful lot that we can’t do with our specialised glasses. Laminated (for safety), toughened (for security), solar controlled (to prevent heat transmission by up to 65%), shatter-proofed and tinted; the choice is entirely yours – and at Apropos we offer all of the highest quality specialised glasses out there – helping you to choose the best for your build with none of the associated blarney.

Of course, glass isn’t the only component to consider when combating the elements. Apropos structures are made from aluminium frames for this very same reason – they are lighter, stronger and more durable than wood; they are fire-resistant; they are endlessly recyclable which helps the environment significantly and they are securely sealed. Utilizing “rolled thermal break” technology we harness the heat transference properties of aluminium, restricting the amount of thermal transmittance through the frame and ensuring weather tightness all before delivering you a structure with optimal thermal efficiency.

Perhaps asking for a conservatory that stays cool in summer and warm in winter was once unreasonable but Apropos that’s what we offer as standard. Whoever said you can’t have the best of both worlds?

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