An Apropos Home Is A Happy Home.

Published on 3rd June 2013
The human being is a light-loving creature. Natural daylight keeps us mentally healthy and physically well, and yet we choose to live in little brick boxes… Where’s the sense in that?

At Apropos we feel that a bright and airy home is the key to happiness, but while moving is one of the top three causes of stress in modern life, home improvement can bring some of the greatest satisfaction. As a recent Glasgow Medical Research Council study shows; ‘housing improvement can improve health.’
With that in mind, these are our top tips for making your home a happy one.

Roof lights

Interior spaces can be the most awkward to reach with natural light, but from stairwells and hallways to attic conversions and kitchen extensions, you can breathe new life into a dark and stultifying space with a rooftop installation. Apropos skylights offer more than a tilted window, however; bespoke pieces of architecture, they bring your own personal sense of style into play, while adding height and light to any room.

Bi-Folding Doors

Whether dressing up a tired conservatory, making the most of your patio, or revamping your kitchen-diner, there is no better way to bring the outside in than gorgeous bi-folding doors. With a clever concertina design, bi-fold doors let you gain full access to your garden without braving the weather. As with all Apropos products, our doors are double-glazed and custom-made, so there’s no need to compromise, giving you the look, finish and feel that you need to brighten your home.


Although largely associated with commercial buildings, an atrium is the ultimate way to bring light into the home. Whether joining together two sides of a property, creating a striking walkway, or helping disparate rooms to form a cohesive whole, an atrium is a little architectural wonder. Visually striking, faultlessly functional, an Apropos atrium will deliver on every level. Unhappiness is simply not an option when there is this much light to be had.

Apropos Garden Studios

Keeping the work-life balance in check can be tricky for the self-employed, but an Apropos garden studio helps maintain the equilibrium. Delivering not just a beautiful, bespoke centre of business to keep you inspired throughout the day, but physical separation to prevent your work from taking over your leisure hours. As delightful on the outside as they are within, this is an elegant solution to the work-life problem.

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