A Room With A View.

Published on 27th June 2013

Aprofold doors help create a wonderful balcony feature in this beautiful bedroom – breakfast on the veranda anyone?

Have you ever noticed how biased against our bedrooms we are when it comes to the distribution of glass? And it’s not just the bedrooms, but everything above the ground floor of our homes. Downstairs we will lavish light in the form of conservatories, French windows, kitchens with entire walls of folding-sliding doors, and then with the first step upon the stairs we usually ascend into gloom. Even the most adventurous among us rarely move beyond an attractive skylight.

At Apropos we like to think differently; we don’t want do the conventional; we prefer to explore the boundaries of the possible – and then give them a little push! We think that glass is a gift to the modern home, stretching margins and showing that the sky really can be the limit. We’d like to show you how.

The Apropos skylight we’ve already mentioned as the most convenient tool in the upstairs light-bringers arsenal. With automated vent actuation technology to help regulate external air entering a room, you no longer even need to be able to physically reach a roof light to gain the full benefits, making them the ideal addition to high-ceilinged rooms. But what about moving beyond the predictable?

Attic conversions can be rather oppressive, with low-ceilings, low-light and a preponderance of spiders, but with glazed roof inserts (see here for an example) you can add a whole new dimension to the space. Equally, a glazed aluminium wall, which reaches to the eaves (crafted specifically to meet your Apropos design requirements) would deliver a room with a real view, while Switch Glass, which changes from clear to opaque at the touch of a button, will prevent your neighbours from getting an entirely different view when you’re not prepared for it!

You don’t need a loft extension to benefit from better upstairs light levels however; if you have a balcony you could improve your access with Apropos folding-sliding doors; a wonderful way to bring fresh air and sunshine into a room. No balcony? Have you considered building a glass veranda on top of that unused garage roof? It’s not about adding bling; it’s about maximising space and light and quality of life, and it needn’t cost the earth to achieve it.

For those with a larger budget in mind, a bespoke atrium is certainly the way to go – think of it as a roof light, but on a grander scale! An Apropos atrium enhances the light levels of an entire house and brings a feeling of cohesion to disparate rooms and disparate floors, with gorgeous glass panels stretching from the foundations to the rafters – a daunting job for the window cleaner were it not for Pilkinton Activ Clear!

Glass, these days is far removed from the light-giving wind-stopper of its early incarnation. It brings cheer, uplifts the spirit, gives the illusion of space. Imagine a bedroom, study or playroom drenched with light; imagine an Apropos design and call us to see how we can bring it to life.

For more information about Aprofold doors and our bespoke glass verandas by Apropos or to request a brochure please click here. Alternatively, please telephone 0800 328 0033.

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