Ten Reasons NOT To Do It Yourself.

Published on 15th May 2013

Ah, the Great British summer time; an epoch of sunshine, showers, sandy toes and trips to the local DIY store. It’s a challenge! It’s traditional! It’s probably not such a good idea!

Glass and Aluminium Bespoke Link Extension by Apropos Conservatories

Here at Apropos we take pride in what we do; for more than fifty years we’ve worked to fashion the very best in form and function; beautiful bespoke glass buildings that deliver on every level. When creating a work of structural art – regardless of size – experience is crucial and that clever plan to save your pennies may end up costing you pounds.

When it comes to managing a bigger home-improvement project, we feel so strongly that it’s wiser to ‘get the experts in’ that we’ve put together our top ten reasons why.

1)      Design – Transforming an imaginative figment into a functional structure can be complicated, but bespoke is what we do. At Apropos our master craftsmen have the skills to match your (and our designers) imagination.

2)      Planning – It’s easy to underestimate a job. Our professional team will give you a realistic timetable and ensure that your grand design is delivered on time, on budget and in style.

3)      Admin – Large projects need planning permission. A professional company like Apropos can guide you through the pitfalls, ensuring that you have the permits you need at every step of the way.

4)      Preparation – Inadequate preparation of the job site can result in damaged materials and a shoddy finish. We deliver millimetre-perfect measurements and technical plans to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

5)      Knowledge – Do you know all of the current Building Regulations? Or the thermal properties of different types of glass? We do!

6)      Budgeting – The little things add up, and nothing can slow a project like running out of money. Once Apropos give you a quote, we stick to it.

7)      Tools – Specialist work demands specialist tools. We have everything we need to complete any job.

8)      Skimping – While bargains beckon they usually come back and bite you later. Apropos use only the finest materials.

9)      Understanding limitations – A can-do attitude can take you places, but risk-taking is never sensible. Important issues – structural integrity, electrical integration – need expert attention, which we can deliver.

10)   Safety first! – Nothing is worth risking the safety of you or your family. At Apropos we have the right people, the right tools and the right knowledge for the right jobs – it’s safer that way.

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